Alex, mother to three rambunctious boys, belongs to the niche made-for-TV-movie market where a city girl marries a country boy. As such, she has developed a new appreciation for dirt biking, camping, hiking, and all other outdoor adventures. She loves anything artistic, but suffers from “jack of all trades, master of none” syndrome. You can find her at home working on one of a billion unfinished projects. Having all boys has been a blessing in disguise because her true loves are Harry Potter and Legos. Her sisters jokingly say she is the best “brother” they ever had.

A Gift Hack or Two

I am a terrible gift-giver. I have never been good. I like to think that I am thoughtful and attentive when my friends are speaking, but my love language is so much more about...

Under Pressure

The holidays are a magical time where the kids are filled with holiday cheer, the house is decorated with sentiments of the season, families are gathering, and traditions are like the glue that holds...

Lay Off the Carbs

A few months ago, Someone told my baby “Lay off the carbs”, As if a 12-month-old baby Has any idea what ‘carbs’ are, Let alone the idea of ‘weight’. A few months ago, When these words rocked my world, I did not...

Five Reasons Why Your Child May Not be a Reader

In the education world, there are three types of readers: literate, illiterate, and aliterate. Literate children are those that can and do read. They may not read voraciously, but they will start and finish...

That Little Silicone Cup

I am a traditionalist. I am a rule follower. I am monotonous and I do all of those things we are told we should do. Which is why even I was amazed when I decided...

Take the Dang Picture!

When my husband and I were newlyweds, I begged him to get me a camera for Christmas. I had this vision of taking pictures of our entire life and having these perfectly curated moments...

Problem Solving: Picky Eaters

One search on Pinterest of “baby” will give you perfectly curated pictures of babies whose moms have way more time on their hands than I can even fathom. With my first baby, Pinterest was...

The Hard Things You Will Have to Do

I’m currently in my last semester of my master’s degree, emphasizing in Reading and Literacy to accompany my elementary education degree. I have been shocked at how many of my classes have claimed to...

The One Time Teenage Angst Did Any Good

This week, I jumped down the rabbit hole that was my middle school and high school music playlists. My sweet fourteen-year-old sister-in-law just received a used iPod and all she wanted was some music...

Let’s Talk about Alex Holt

My name is Alexandra Holt, but I’ve always gone by Alex (or Axe… or Axeskull, or whatever else my little tomboy heart asked my very compliant parents to call me during my formative years)....