Ashlyn is native to Shelley and now resides in the Bear Lake area. She is the mama to two little boys. She and her husband Dawson own a vacation rental management company in Bear Lake. They are very busy during the summer cleaning rentals and helping travelers have a great trip! Between running a business and wiping bums, she makes time to experiment with sourdough, tag along while her husband golfs, and do simple yoga. She also finds any excuse to bake chocolate chip cookies

Five Game-Changing Cleaning Tools Under $15

My husband and I run a cleaning crew for short-term rentals. We are always looking for effective, easy-to-use, durable cleaning products to get the job done.  If you saw my house right now, you wouldn’t...

Just a Few Reminders

This is just a season Whether it’s a tough phase of life or a beautiful one, there will be a time in the near future when things are different. There are good times and trying...

A Pep Talk for the Mom Whose House Is a Disaster Right Now

You did it again. You let your house get messy. You had a busy weekend and things got out of control. You don’t regret the quality family time but now you feel like you’re...

Meet EIM Contributor, Ashlyn Bingham!

Hello, I'm Ashlyn! I claim Shelley as my hometown. I moved there at age 8 and I loved every aspect of it. I felt safe, welcome, and comfortable there. Since high school, I have lived...