Cindy Steel is an Idaho girl, born and raised on a dairy farm in Rupert. She is a baker, a portrait and food photographer, a writer, and a mom to two, miracle IVF twin boys. She is happily married, loves to travel, write, and read books while taking long bubble baths. She dreams of one day being an author, a famous baker, and living in a world where cake and cookies have zero calories.

The Art of the Day Trip

Growing up on a farm, my family became very good at day trips. Dairy farmers are married to the cows and the land and it took a lot of work and effort to be...

Motherhood is….

Motherhood is almost as old as the earth itself, and throughout times of great confusion and worry during every generation, motherhood can be that bond that connects us and brings us purpose, along with...

Another Mom Joins the Team: Cindy Steel

  My name is Cindy Steel. I grew up on a dairy farm, milking cows, moving wheelines, and driving tractor in Rupert, Idaho. After high school, I moved to Rexburg and had a blast at...