Ellie is a former preschool teacher turned mom who originally hails from Eastern Washington. After going to University of Idaho (Go Vandals!) and then meeting the nerd of her dreams, she welcomed a little girl into the world and then moved to Idaho Falls in 2021. Now, as a proud mama of soon-to-be two girls, Ellie spends her days working on fiction novels, wrangling her daughter and chickens, and trying to prepare herself for two under the age of two.

It’s Okay to Miss the Before Times

Summer is close, mama. The kids are getting antsy, you can feel the sunshine (when the wind doesn’t bring clouds), and all you can think about was when you could relax outside without your...

Respecting Your Child’s Boundaries

One of the things I find most frustrating while raising my daughter is the expectation that kids need to give hugs to people they know. "Your cousin is leaving, give him a hug!" "Oh, look, it’s...

Babes and “Bawk Bawks”

You read that title right: babes and ‘bawk bawks’. I’m well aware that’s not what a chicken is called, but you celebrate every little win your kid has when language develops! If you’ve read my...
Ellie Lerum smiles at the camera against a white backdrop.

Meet EIM Contributor, Ellie Lerum!

Have you ever picked up a project, spent a lot of time on it, and decided you love it just to look at what you accomplished the next day and realize you despise the...