Georgina works full time at the Idaho Falls Arts Council and is mom to two tiny crazy kids. She lives on a bit of land in Grant, Idaho, where she tries to stay on top of her husband’s hoarder habits, the non-stop weeds, the ever-expanding collection of vehicles, and several cats. She is originally from England, but found her way to Idaho in 2014 via 11 years on the East Coast and is now here to stay. She loves to read, hike, sometimes bake, and has recently discovered trail running, which she is now obsessed with.

The Lingering Effects of PPD

I had a rough time with both of my kids during the newborn stage. My first, Declan, had a traumatic delivery. I was induced due to super low blood pressure, I pushed forever, and...

The Goodlanders, Episode Three: Hey, Santa!

My four year old son, ladies and gentlemen... Anyone else?

The Idaho Falls Adventure Pass – A Great Experience Gift!

Experience gifts are becoming increasingly popular. Kids have so many toys these days, I completely understand why parents might be looking for something more meaningful than yet more colorful plastic (though don't get me...

EIM Nonprofit Spotlight :: The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho

I am passionate about the arts and particularly about kids having access to looking at, thinking about, and making art (see my Culture with Kiddos post from 2018). When I first moved to Idaho...

Finding Yourself Might Take an Unexpected Path

It took me over four years after becoming a mom to begin to find myself again. And it didn't happen at all how I expected! I've written before about the struggle to make friends...

A Meandering Path to Here: About Georgina

Whew, where to start? Hi, I'm Georgina and I'm from England. I grew up in Preston, in the north of England with my parents and younger sister. I had a fantastic childhood. I did...

A Great Pumpkin Craft for Littles

I love the fall! I love the cooler weather and wearing flannel shirts and boots and visiting pumpkin patches and the fact that all the weeds in my giant yard finally stop growing. Bring...

Bedtime Might Just Kill Me

I can no longer handle bedtime with the two monsters who claim to be my children. Anyone else? My kids are 4 and 2. Bedtime has never been easy, but lately it has become...

I Didn’t Need Anybody Until I Did

I’ve always been independent. I’ve traveled to and lived in several other countries on my own. I have no problem (and sometimes prefer) going to the movies or out for dinner on my own....

My Husband gets an Allowance! Minimizing Conflict when Sharing Finances

Before my husband and I moved to Idaho, we maintained separate finances. We both earned approximately the same, so we had our own bank accounts and split all bills down the middle. The mortgage...