My Child Has Duane Syndrome

When my son was born, everything seemed normal with his eyes. When he was about 4 months old, I started noticing his left eye would not look left at all. When I brought it...


As a kid, I was what you would call a "rockhounder." I found pretty rocks anywhere we went. I got some of my love for rockhounding from my grandpa who polished rocks he found...

Living With a Hoarder’s Brain

Growing up, I always loved to collect things - anything from pretty stones to blankets. As an adult, I start one hobby and collect everything I might possibly need for it, only to move...

Growing the Village: Why We Chose Godparents

As a child, I always knew who I would go to if something happened to both of my parents. So when I knew I wanted to have kids, I started thinking about who the...

Struggles of an Amputee Mama

I am an amputee mama and, if you read my bio, I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do things "normally" since my accident. Little did I know when...

Meet EIM Contributor, Kesia Hanson!

How do I even begin to describe myself? My name is Kesia and I’m definitely not the person I once was. My motorcycle accident in 2011 changed me completely. I was no longer physically...