The Value of Experiences

Being a mother is always a balancing act. Are your kids eating enough? Are they spending too much time on game systems or plopped in front of the TV? Are they spoiled? A couple of...
Two children having a pillow fight.

My Kids Fight All the Time: How I Encourage Them to Bond

I love being a mom of boys, I really do. My boys have a 3 year age gap between them and I thought that was perfect—until they started fighting and arguing and mocking each...

Home For Christmas: Missing Children From SE Idaho

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I love the lights, the holiday spirit, the parties, and the snow. This year, however, my Christmas cheer has been dampened a bit due to my dad’s...

Let’s Talk About Domestic Abuse

Let’s talk about domestic abuse. It’s a hot topic right now, but anyone who has ever felt abuse knows that this topic should have relevance every single day. Domestic abuse is usually thought of as...

Archery :: Our Newest Family Adventure

This past year-and-a-half I have invested a lot of time with my kids learning archery. This was something I always wanted to learn, and I was lucky enough to have the best and most...

The Changing Face of School

It’s a sad thing when something like a pandemic can cause a fracture in a community the way it has in ours. The best part of being an individual is the ability to have...

A Shared Grief

Grief. It’s such a loaded word. It’s sometimes hard to understand the person who’s grieving the loss of a job compared to someone who has lost a parent. Yet, grief is deep and real and...

Parenting is a Minefield

Parenting is like going to war. There are booby traps and minefields everywhere just waiting to blow up your ideals and good intentions. The people you’re fighting aren’t your children (although sometimes they are...

Being Honest With Kids After Divorce

I believe honesty is important. I believe that being honest with our children is especially important, but how much honesty is too much? My children are young and, at 4 and 7, they don’t...

Keeping Kids Active During a Quarantine

The only good thing about the Coronavirus making its rounds within our country is that it’s almost spring.  And with spring comes warmer temperatures and playing outside, which is where I would rather be...