Marissa is a happily married mama to two beautiful children (ages 3 and 9). She is a Speech Language Pathologist who fits a private Speech and Language practice in the mix of caring for kids, spending time with friends and family, hiking, volunteering, and items from a wonderful list that never seems to end.

Q & A With a Speech Language Pathologist

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month.   I am a Speech Language Pathologist with Peterson Therapy Services, Inc. When I decided that I would take this opportunity to write a blog post, it led...

Easter Egg Hunt Minus the CANDY

CANDY! CANDY! CANDY!  A few years ago, my Sister-in-law and I decided that we needed to provide our children with at least one Easter Egg Hunt that didn’t involve teeth rotting goodies.  We didn’t want...

28 Fun Things To Do Inside

Kids need physical activity!  Kids need to spend time outside!  Yes, this is true, but they can, and will, only spend so much time outside when it feels like the frozen tundra.  Here are...

The Anti-Valentine’s Day Party … For Big Kids

For over two years 10 to 13 of my son’s friends have piled into our home once a week for an afterschool get-together.  Now, in the midst of their fourth-grade year, the majority do...