Sierra has 4 boys and has loved to write since she was 9. She loves to be a part of dance and teach others how to invest in themselves. She has 3 college degrees from ISU where she studied Sociology, Criminology, and the Criminal Justice system and she has 12 years of experience running her own business. From supporting her residential cleaning company to transitioning after her husband got out of the military, the couple has achieved great success together. Sierra is so excited about sharing her own version of the circus act of motherhood and has already started her first book!

Meet EIM Contributor, Sierra Heffron!

My name is Sierra and I am so excited to take this journey with you all! My husband, Ben, and I have 4 children together; all boys, ages 11, 8, 3, and 1 years...

Little Tears and Heavy Expectations

I’m sure some of you know that all too familiar moment when you sit in the rocking chair holding your baby and tears just start coming—all of those emotions we carry day to day and...