Five Beauty Products I Have Repurchased


I’ve been a beauty enthusiast for most of my life, probably since I successfully faked Fifth’s Disease with some lipstick to get attention as a young child (sorry, Mom). I like the way makeup and skincare makes me feel and look, and it kind of stinks that I feel like I have to be so defensive about that. But yes, I like beauty products. I like trying new formulas, new textures, new colors. It’s one of my favorite hobbies.

That being said, I am actually kind of a strange beauty consumer because I very rarely repurchase products, even if I like them. I actually mildly side-eye someone when they claim that a product is by far the best. There are so many options out there and there are probably dozens that are similar to that one that you love. You love a product because of what it does for you and your body, but that won’t always hold true for others. So in reality, my upcoming recommendations may be completely worthless to you, but the good thing about having a blog to write for is that I have a platform to yap about my worthless opinions. And today it’s beauty opinions, so buckle up.

Here are 5 beauty products that I have actually repurchased or plan to.

Cerave in the Tub

This goes first on the list because this is the only beauty product that I subscribe to in order to get regular deliveries from Amazon. I get one of these beauties every two months. If you are new to skincare and you search on the internet for a really basic thick moisturizer, you will see a lot of people answer “Cerave in the tub.” It’s a little bit like Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding – it’s recommended for every skin thing you can think of. I like it. It’s very non-gimmicky and doesn’t irritate my skin and dries to a nice matte finish. I use it on my face and body and I keep a tub in my shower because it performs well on wet skin. It really is great for a full-body winter moisturizer. I won’t write a passionate love sonnet for the product, but I have never been disappointed in it. I get the version with the pump.

Hado Labo Premium Hydrating Toner

Sometimes I will see people look at Asian beauty products with befuddled faces at TJ Maxx and I just want to tell them: Asian beauty products are amazing. The packaging can sometimes be super cutesy and you’ll occasionally run across ingredients that we don’t see a lot here (snail mucin, anyone?) but the quality of the products is pretty high across the board. I haven’t yet, but I will repurchase this Japanese toner. It is great to layer during the winter, especially if your skin tends to be dry. My skin feels much bouncier with it and the toner has no issues with pilling (my proofreader, who is my husband, was completely baffled by the term “pilling.” It’s a real thing. GOOGLE IT, JEFF). It is another product that you’ll hear a lot of rave reviews for when you get started into skincare, and honestly, it holds up well to the hype. One thing that is worth mentioning is that the reason I haven’t repurchased yet is that one bottle has lasted me nine months.

NYX Fill and Fluff Eyebrow Pomade Pencil

You probably shouldn’t take my advice because I have bad eyebrows, but the thing is, they are much worse with other eyebrow products. I have thick and straight eyebrows that have become patchy in places due to hormone issues. This is my current favorite brow product because it has the taming power of a pomade, but with a more natural finish and it fills in patchiness very well. NYX dupes (legally copies) a lot of more expensive brands, but they are especially strong at eyebrow dupes. All of their brow products are worth checking out.

Jack Black Lip Balm

This is a favorite of mine, but it gets a place on the list because I can’t find mine and I’m pretty mad about it. Long-lasting and the most hydrating I’ve used and where, oh where did you go, my sweet lip balm? 8 bucks for lip balm is a splurge, and especially when you lose them, but I think this one is worth checking out, even if you are skeptical. I love lip balm, but I have issues with a lot of them irritating the skin right under my lip. Which sounds crazy when I type it up, but it’s true. I have no issues with this one. Come back to me, my love.

Clinique High Impact Mascara

OK, here’s the thing. Mascaras are tricky. With all makeup, you really have to account for personal taste. But with mascara, you also have to account for the product being near your eyeballs. I usually prefer to spend more on mascara. I have found some great low-cost mascaras, but in my opinion, there is frequently a wider quality difference between a $7 mascara and a $15 mascara. Every person who gets into makeup usually ends up finding one aspect of makeup that they are willing to spend more on, and for me, it’s mascara. So, if I recommend an expensive mascara to you, you can always send me back for a cheaper one, but I do think in general you’ll have better performance (and that is worth the extra money to me) with a slightly more expensive one. This mascara isn’t even my all-time favorite, but it’s just a solid contender that I have repurchased many times over the last 15 years. The reason I like it is that my lashes feel soft and natural with it and flaking has never been an issue. I have a slight tendency to get irritated eyes and I have had very little issues with this mascara. (PS: Clinique is one of those brands that frequently go on sale at Ulta. Keep your eyes open and you can probably find a better price. Honestly, I don’t think I have bought it for full-price for a while.)

So there you have it – 5 products that I have repurchased or will if I can’t find my dang lip balm soon.

(Come back to me, my sweet lip balm)

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