The Pedicure Guide


Pedicures are one of my favorite little treat-myself activities but as a nail technician, I have learned how little people know about such a wonderful service. When a mom takes time for herself to get a pedicure, she should have the best experience possible.  Below is a guide I have written that should help protect you and make sure your pedicure is everything you needed. 

Do Not Shave

This may sound kind of gross but trust me when I say your nail technician does not care if you come in rockin’ some wooly mammoth legs. Let’s be honest, sometimes as a mom, you don’t have the time to shave; don’t add that stress before your pedicure! When you shave the day of your pedicure, you are actually creating microscopic cuts and opening your pores. This can open you up to infection. In other words, be proud of your hair, it’s safe. 

Don’t Wear a Skirt or Dress

Yes, it sounds like a good idea since they are so easy to pull up, but I have gotten quite the eyeful from so many clients that thought wearing a dress was the best plan. If you don’t want to flash your technician, go for loose-fitting pants that you can easily roll up to your knees. If you don’t have time to change, that’s okay.  You really only need your pants to roll up to your knee. 

Pick a Reputable Salon

Pedicures can be a quick way to get a major infection, fungus, or worse. You need to make sure the salon/spa you scheduled your appointment for is clean and properly sanitizing its equipment. If you don’t know whether a place is safe, check for their state given letter rating. This is usually a sheet of paper posted on the wall near the front desk; anything lower than an A isn’t the best place to choose. 

Show Up a Few Minutes Early

If you have a scheduled appointment, show up a few minutes early. I know that with kids this isn’t always possible but the later you are to your appointment, the less love you get. If you show up early, you have time to pick your color and get set up without cutting into the massage and foot care. Also, a salon or spa that is “by appointment only” usually cares more about quality over quantity so I suggest going to one of those first. 

If You Get Cut

If your nail technician at any time breaks the skin and causes you to bleed, make sure you clean the cut extremely well after your appointment. Your feet are susceptible to so many infections and you have to make sure you keep them clean.

The Law

There are a few laws nail technicians have been known to ignore. If yours isn’t following these then you need to find a new place:

  • Nail files should never be reused. They have recently been deemed non-sanitizable and must be thrown away after each client.
  • A tool resembling a cheese grater is completely illegal in Idaho for any nail tech to use due to the fact it is hard to clean properly and can cut live skin.
  • Tools should never be passed between clients without being washed, sanitized, and disinfected first. 


Proper pedicures are such a wonderful way to prevent fungus, infection, bunions, and corns as well as to detect early signs of them . A pedicure can be a wonderfully relaxing experience that can increase blood flow throughout your body. Our feet are usually the last thing we think about but they are the foundation we walk on. Every mom’s feet need some love since we are on them all the time. Book yourself a spa day and get those feet taken care of! 

If you have more questions about pedicures feel free to comment below or reach out!