Hidden Adventures: A Day in Rexburg and Surrounding Areas


Before I knew it, Spring Break had crept up and I hadn’t made any plans for my family. Not a little getaway, not a planned drive or shopping trip. Absolutely nothing. So, it was on a whim that I decided to take the kids to Gravity Factory in Rexburg. We ended up spending the afternoon there and when we left, my kids were tired and hungry. Hours of jumping on trampolines, jumping in foam block pits, and rolling around in an inflatable ball will make anyone tired and hungry.

Living in Southeast Idaho for fifteen years, I had of course heard of the famous Big Jud’s restaurant in Ashton. To my surprise, I had learned that there was also one in the Rexburg/Archer area and we decided to head that way for dinner. It was a small drive from the city of Rexburg, but the country views were an added eye candy. Our order consisted of burgers, chicken strips, onion rings, and fries. The service was amazing, the food was amazing, and we left with full and happy bellies.

On our way to Big Jud’s, we had passed a little country store and decided to stop there on our way home from dinner. White Sparrow Country Store turned out to be an unexpected gem that’s sort of in the middle of nowhere. The smell of fresh-baked pies lingers in the air as you walk through the door, the walls are lined with unique gifts, food, and candies. We ended up ordering a Strawberries and Cream pie, Blueberry pie, Apple pie, and a square ice cream cone for my daughter. They were pretty busy when we had arrived, and it took around 30 minutes for our pies to come out of the oven, but they were worth the wait! There were so many fun things to look at like bacon cured jam labels. (I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but the labels were the best!)

The ambiance and general splendor of the store made the time go by fast for us while we enjoyed each other’s company.


Because we had just eaten dinner, we decided to grab the pies to go and eat them during movie night. By the time we got home to Roberts, the pies were fairly warm, and still completely, utterly, undoubtingly delicious.

It was well worth the drive and time to make memories with my kids by going to new places like a random little country store in the middle of nowhere.

It’s always fun to find new things to do with your family and we love to explore our wonderful state of Idaho as often as we can.


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