I Wish You Knew How Much I Think About You— Creepy, I Know.


East Idaho Mom,

I truly wish I had the literary prowess to verbalize my passion for seeing you grow and heal and succeed. Every day, I think of new ways to reach out and tell you how beautiful and smart and valuable you are. Obviously, your kids think it, and so do I.

You could say I’m a bit obsessed with seeing you happy.

Motherhood is so freaking hard. Every day is a new challenge. Every kid a new puzzle. Some days, you’re winning and feel like supermom and other days, you’re in the closet crying and feeling like a failure. I see you, mom (said in my best Joe voice.) I see those tears and I wish I could hug you and tell you that you’re doing great.

I see you in the grocery store patiently walking beside the cart while your too-short kid tries to steer it. I see you in the library gently encouraging your child to “sound it out.” You’re on the playground, coffee getting cold while you help a toddler go down the slide for the 57th time. Every single time, I want to say hello, strike up conversation, let you know that I see you and want to be your friend.

I chicken out every time. Friendship is hard. Strangers are scary. Motherhood is busy and the stakes feel so high. I want you to know, though, that you are SEEN. You are LOVED. You are WORTHY of friendship even when I am too afraid to say hello or compliment your leggings.

Previous generations have had a village. Supposedly, it takes one to raise a child, yet here we are doing it all alone. Raising babies to teenagers in the digital age and feeling more disconnected than ever. The mom guilt and mom shaming escalated by keyboard warriors and media that presses us to be a cookie cutter-image of perfection. Pinterest is the new standard and filters (literal and figurative) cover up the imperfections.

We are told that “we’ll miss these days” and I am here to tell you that there are some days I WILL NOT miss. There are some days that I will never regret speeding along. Bedtimes that couldn’t come soon enough and days I had to run away to have some alone time.

The years go by so fast, but when you’re living them, some days are just so long. That’s ok. You are not alone on those crappy days.

I dream of creating a village with you. One where we can see our differences and honor them in order to help eachother grow. A village where the only shame and guilt you feel are your own and those surrounding you can be a mirror to help you see things as they really are. The truth is that YOU are a great woman and mother. Those kids adore you and look up to you and, while you may feel like you’re failing them, they think you’re doing a stellar job.

So let’s build this village. Let’s build eachother up and stop tearing other mothers down. Let’s hold hands and raise up a strong generation of children who watched their moms love fiercely and embrace uncertainty and fear with a positive, honest perspective. We have so many differences, but in the end we are all raising the future of this great nation.

We are East Idaho Moms and we are bringing “the village” back to motherhood!

With gratitute, hope, and love,



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GiGi is an empowerer of women and obsessed with reading. She has five perfect little snack-obsessed kiddos. They are a busy blended family and the kids run wild 50% of the time and have strict rules the other 50% because – balance. She has lived in East Idaho since 2011 and enjoys taking her kids to the park, the pool, the zoo, or playing Pokemon GO on the Greenbelt! GiGi loves to travel and experience different cultures and enjoys getting to know new people and hearing their stories. She needs to sleep 8 hours nightly and has to have alone time to recharge. It's important to know she’s addicted to the plant juice (essential oils), crystals, green tea, plants, and online shopping with fast shipping.