Meet EIM Contributor, Edee Ulrich!


I always wanted to be the mom when I would play house with friends or cousins as a little girl growing up in Shelley. I grew up out in the country with cats, dogs, and the occasional cow or horse. I dressed up my cats like babies,  rode my bike, jumped on the tramp with sprinklers, and ran through the fields to play at my friend’s house.  My mom passed away when I was very young and life wasn’t always easy as we went through that and adjusted to being a stepfamily a few years later. I loved spending time in Island Park at my grandparents’ cabins and fishing with my dad.  

When I was in middle school, I had an English teacher who inspired me to become a writer. Writing was therapy for me and I wrote all sorts of poems and songs for the kids I babysat. I dreamed of being a published author. In junior high, I took a class where we got to learn about broadcast journalism. We interviewed our fellow students and shared the happenings of our school on a weekly broadcast we called “Channel 1 News”. (We weren’t very original.) I loved it and dreamed of traveling all over the world reporting the most important news just like Lisa Ling did on the real “Channel One”. I lived for hanging out with my friends, loved playing sports and reading, and wrote for our school newspaper. In high school, I also wrote for the school paper and started a writing club called The Write Alliance.  High School was so fun, my friends and I came up with creative ways to entertain ourselves in our small town, planned the school dances, and went to lots of games. (It still seems crazy that I have two of my own kids in high school right now!) I took a health professions class my junior year where I decided that being a pediatric physical therapist was the career for me. I loved children but knew that I couldn’t handle dealing with needles and sadness so it seemed like a good fit. That was my plan until right before I graduated when I decided that I loved writing so much that I should be an English major. I learned a lot writing for the college newspaper but I hated all my English classes because I didn’t want to read the required material; I just wanted to write.  I decided to be a Marriage and Family Therapist major instead and write on the side. I thought I had finally found a career where I could help and advocate for children and families which is something I am passionate about.  I continued down that path until I got married and had my first child, a beautiful baby girl. Becoming a mother changed me for the better, even though I had no idea what I was doing, I just loved this tiny little person who made me see the world in a whole new light. I felt like I was growing up and learning right alongside her and I loved every minute; she was the best baby and so much fun. 

My husband graduated when our daughter was 18 months old, and after applying for jobs all over the country, he was hired at a company in Idaho Falls so we moved and have lived here ever since. We had a little boy six months after moving and built a home which we moved into that fall. My son never slept but was the happiest, sweetest baby. I loved being able to stay home with my kids. Our days were spent reading, crafting, singing, playing, and being outside as much as possible. My kids were not great sleepers and have had several health issues that were all-consuming for me which kept me from doing much beyond being a mom and wife. After going through a traumatic miscarriage, we were blessed with a baby girl 9 years ago and she is like sunshine in our home. 

We are thankful to live near family including my two sisters and their families. I love getting to raise our children together as we have tried to make our own traditions for them.  I love having a house full and never stress over the mess of baking and crafting together with my kids and any visitors we may have. I have always loved throwing parties and coming up with fun activities to do with my kids, their cousins, and family friends. 

Our family has gone through several challenges which led me to go back to work part-time a few years ago. I am grateful to get to work with amazing children every day at a local school. Getting to see my cute youngest daughter at work is a big bonus. Though I would have loved to have more children, I am grateful to have the three I do. I feel so grateful to be able to be on the same schedule with my kids so that I get to be home with them as much as possible. 

Writing for East Idaho Moms and building guides has helped me to do something for myself. I’ve always loved writing but haven’t taken the opportunity to do it often for the past couple of decades beyond lunch notes for my kids and the songs I sing to them.  I don’t know what other jobs I might try in the future but I’m grateful for the chance to keep learning and growing through whatever comes my way.  I’m a proud soccer mom and my kids’ biggest cheerleader, supporting them in all their various activities including fencing, art, orchestra, piano, and many others over the years.

I think in blog posts and songs but rarely remember them to share or else I might be rich by now; maybe getting more sleep would help! I love being outside, hiking, camping, and going on adventures. I enjoy cooking and baking and call it a success when I create a meal that my whole family (of mostly picky eaters including myself) actually eats! I enjoy crafting, organizing, turning the music up loud, finding good deals, playing board games, and laughing until I cry. I love visiting new places, trying new restaurants, and meeting new people. I am a water snob, make lists that I dream of completing, and try to make the most of every day, soaking in each moment of being a mom, which is my favorite “job” of all.