Meet EIM Contributor, Rebecca Witt!


A woman in a black sweater with long brown hair and brown eyes.I was born in Ohio, but moved at two years old and grew up in Durango, a small town in southwestern Colorado. My childhood was very picturesque (and actually pretty similar to life here in Idaho): raised playing outside on my family’s land for hours, riding horses with my cousin, shooting in our backyard, spending summers camping and roasting marshmallows. I’m an only child, so I’ve always been very close to family, who are all still in that area. I loved my childhood, and even though I moved a few times through my teenage years with my parents, I’ve always called Colorado home.

At 15 my family moved to Las Vegas, and I lived there for nearly a decade. After high school, I got an internship at a digital marketing company while I started college, and what was supposed to be a few months ended up as a full-blown job for almost five years. I worked my way up at that company, first starting their student-run blog, building a team of contributors, getting into search engine optimization for other websites, and eventually switching over to run their affiliate marketing program and working with million-dollar budgets and partnerships. Throughout that time I decided to “take a break” from college since managing class schedules was tough, and I was already getting the experience that I was going to school for in the first place. I guess I accidentally never picked it back up (oops).

It was there that I also completely unexpectedly met my husband, Bryce. He applied for a graphic designer job, and I was in his initial interview. I thought he was talented and funny but didn’t think more of it than that. When he was hired we slowly started to become friends and began to spend more time together going out to lunch, playing ping pong in the break room, and eventually hanging out after work. A stronger connection started to grow between us, but he had a girlfriend at the time, so it was never more than that (even though everyone swore we were dating!)

A few months later he was single, and that was it! We were together not long after, and eight months later he proposed in Yellowstone. Six months after that we got married!

After our wedding in the spring of 2020, we decided to finally take a leap of faith and start our own company. Together we made a pretty great team – I handled the backend work running marketing campaigns, and he did all of our design, photography, and videography for our clients. We loved it, but building a business was definitely a struggle with inconsistent income. Later that year I also decided to jump into something I always wanted to do – getting my real estate license! That was a very busy, exciting time, but also more complicated than we imagined. The real estate industry is inconsistent, which didn’t help our already unsteady work situation.

Through all of that, we had decided to start our family after we got married. After a few months of trying, I got pregnant with our son, Jace. He was born in the spring of 2021 and is just the best addition to our little family.

Summer of 2021, we unexpectedly found ourselves moving to Idaho Falls. It was something that we had wanted for a long time, but didn’t expect to be able to do any time soon. It was all God, to say the least!

We love living here, and are slowly building our community. Life is a little crazy, between being a wife, a mom to an almost one-year-old, and running three businesses! Real estate-wise, I have a huge passion for educating people through the home buying and selling process and showing them how attainable those goals can really be. That’s the core focus of my business!

On top of being a realtor here in eastern Idaho, I’m also a wedding planner (something I got into after falling in love with wedding planning while doing my own), and Bryce and I recently rebranded our company. With Witt Media, we’ve been able to make some great connections with other local business owners here in Idaho and help them grow with commercial photography and videography, and it honestly means the world to our family to work with such great people.

Being a “mompreneur” is definitely challenging, but it’s also something I love sharing. I’m so excited to be part of this community and connect with other like-minded mamas!


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