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My name is Sierra and I am so excited to take this journey with you all! My husband, Ben, and I have 4 children together; all boys, ages 11, 8, 3, and 1 years old. We were that couple who met in a bar one night and just stayed together ever since. We have seen each other’s true highs and lows over the last 10 years and, oh boy, do I have some stories to tell you! I am 33 years old and have always wanted to be a writer, to be honest, and throughout my life, I have been told I should be a motivational speaker but guess what? I am TERRIFIED of public speaking haha! So, writing is what I’ll do!

My husband and I have invested over 10 years in entrepreneurship together. From supporting my residential cleaning company, Basic Necessities, and transitioning to other adventures after Ben got out of the military (he served in the Navy for 10 years), we have achieved great success together. I know that we can continue that with Prizm Solar, our newest joint effort. Ben started this company after working for three other solar companies and dealing with multiple upset clients and some very raw processes. These companies drove him to want to improve the customers’ experience, and he started his own company in 2020 and opened his first office in March of 2021. Prizm now runs both the sales and installation offices and employs over 26 workers. We are both invested in our employees and customers, and I know we are going to make a deep footprint in the solar industry in Idaho!

I also have 12 years of experience in running my own business where I do my best to balance HR duties, payroll, customer service, marketing, and physically running the business. I currently run Basic Necessities and am also the HR and Office Manager for my husband’s solar company. Ben says I am his “Swiss Army knife” and that he can count on me to be there and step in where necessary. I love that I am able to support him and his dreams while finally being able to work on mine.

Now, a little bit about myself. I became a mother in January of 2014 at the age of 25. Older, yes, but so much better prepared (whether I felt that way or not). My own mother actually passed away when I was 13, so I have been in the foster care system and have a lot of experience with resilience and overcoming stigmas and labels. I should have been a statistic but instead chose to build my own path. I decided to do everything I could to keep busy and am always finding new things to learn. When I was little, I wanted to be an archeologist or a crime scene investigator and upon entering college, I quickly discovered that my ADHD brain was NOT made for chemistry or math and my math class was the thing that held me up from graduating for years. I had to take that dang class 9 TIMES! 

I went to college for a long, long time. Like, you know that guy that everyone makes fun of because they don’t try to graduate? Yeah, that might have been me…I started in 2007 and had a few speed bumps along the way causing me to slow down quite a bit. After having my second child in 2018, I finally finished my associate degree in 2017 and graduated with my BA in 2019. I finished college with 3 degrees from ISU where I studied Sociology, Criminology, and the Criminal Justice system.

At ISU, I minored in dance education and danced almost every single semester plus some summers. I even got to choreograph three pieces for performances and,  in true Sierra fashion, I couldn’t JUST choreograph, I had to be IN two of them. For the third, I literally handmade all of the costumes. I had a vision and I wanted to take no chances of it not being visualized and the emotions felt by the audience. My husband used to joke when I met him and he attended a dance performance that I was in. He asked if I liked making the audience depressed, and I literally laughed and very bluntly said yes. I know there are easy emotions and hard ones and it is important to explore all of them and be vulnerable sometimes. I stand behind the expressiveness of dance and choreography and I know it can be very therapeutic.  I have always wanted to be a writer and a dance/movement therapist or counselor of some kind. I absolutely love being a part of this growing field and teaching others how to invest in themselves in healthy ways. I volunteer with our school and for CASA, or the Court Appointed Special Advocates for children. I also took a Reiki energy healing class in February so I am able to use Reiki “energy” to help people with mental or physical ailments and that supports my long-term goal of owning a movement therapy practice of my own. 

Many college graduates don’t end up ever using their degrees or working in their field of study but I used my college experience working for Pearl Health Clinic just before Ben began Prizm Solar. I was there for a year and a half, and in that time, I developed A LOT as a mother and finally figured out that maybe I just don’t want to be an employee right now. Maybe I just truly need to stop and relax and ya know, BE A MOM!! We have many seasons as a mother and to be honest, right now is just NOT my season to work full time. And that’s ok! I used to work 2 to 3 jobs PLUS going to college when my first two babies were small and now it is my turn to sit down and fulfill some of my dreams and ponder on the accomplishments I’ve had so far.

To be honest, I would not trade any of my experiences and lessons I have learned for having a “normal” childhood. We all have that “ideal picture” of what life will be like after we move out but the truth is, very rarely do we get to actually paint with only the colors we “like”. We must learn to paint with the colors of the wind – whatever blows our way we must choose to make the best picture and outcome we can from it.

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Sierra has 4 boys and has loved to write since she was 9. She loves to be a part of dance and teach others how to invest in themselves. She has 3 college degrees from ISU where she studied Sociology, Criminology, and the Criminal Justice system and she has 12 years of experience running her own business. From supporting her residential cleaning company to transitioning after her husband got out of the military, the couple has achieved great success together. Sierra is so excited about sharing her own version of the circus act of motherhood and has already started her first book!


  1. That’s awesome, Sierra! I’ve known you for quite awhile, and I have often felt “tired” just watching you! Lol. You always have at least ten irons in the fire…. at any given time! I don’t know how you do everything that you do! It’s so amazing to hear about all you have accomplished over the years! Congratulations on pursuing and fulfilling so many of your dreams!


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