EIM Nonprofit Spotlight :: Law Enforcement Chaplaincy of Idaho


East Idaho Moms is excited to feature the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy of Idaho as our Nonprofit Spotlight for August 2021. Eastern Idaho is fortunate to have a wealth of nonprofit and service organizations. By highlighting some of these groups, we hope to encourage moms and families to get involved and learn about all that our wonderful community has to offer.

The Law Enforcement Chaplaincy of Idaho (LECI) is a 501(c) 3 organization of contracted chaplains who provide on-call service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. LECI’s purpose is “to provide support to the Law Enforcement agencies of Idaho (and their families) with professional crisis and trauma response and serve as a proactive resource for their community.” LECI is a faith-based organization founded in 2020 by Tim Rupp and Christa Trinchera. Tim served for over twenty years in law enforcement and as a pastor in Idaho Falls. Christa and her family relocated to Idaho Falls for the sole purpose of launching LECI. Christa served as a Law Enforcement Chaplain for 18 law enforcement agencies in Sacramento, California.

The LECI has three types of Chaplains: Community, Law Enforcement, and Fire. Community Chaplains are dispatched to scenes involving members of the community in crisis. Law Enforcement Chaplains are specifically trained to work with the stresses and issues Law Enforcement face on and off the job. Fire Chaplains work alongside firefighters and assist those impacted by fire.

Chaplains are dispatched to a scene by the Idaho Falls Police Department, Bonneville County Sheriff, Idaho Falls Fire Department, Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, Air Idaho, and other organizations. Chaplains are requested for a variety of reasons such as death notifications, death of a family member, vehicle collision, structure fire, avalanche, drowning, search and rescue, SWAT standoff, school lockdown, hospital needs, promotions, and graduations. A Chaplain’s primary goal is to provide immediate trauma and crisis care on-scene as well as ensuring resources are in place to assist the victim or family member in the days/weeks immediately following. While Chaplains are affiliated with religious organizations of their choice, they do not offer spiritual counseling on scene unless requested.

Law Enforcement Chaplaincy of Idaho (LECI) is the only service of its kind in Idaho that provides 24-7-365 rapid response teams alongside law enforcement agencies with on-scene emotional crisis support for crime and accident victims. Chaplains are specially trained to provide guidance and aid in crisis management, grief, and loss.

For those interested in applying to become a Community Chaplain, the LECI is hosting its five-week Community Chaplain Academy. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact the organization as soon as possible at [email protected]. Law Enforcement and Fire Chaplain Academies are also scheduled for Fall 2021 and will be open to Community Chaplains who have served for at least one year and meet the qualifications.

The community may contribute financially to LECI through its website. Some individuals choose to tithe monthly to the organization. Christa Trinchera provided one example of how donated funds are used for various situations:

“A family is on vacation visiting Yellowstone and is involved in a tragic car crash and a family member is flown to EIRMC for care. LECI Chaplains will use funds to help the family with accommodations close to EIRMC and assist with food, clothing, and transportation as needed.“

For more information regarding the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy of Idaho, please visit them on their website www.ChaplainsofIdaho.org, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ChaplainsOfIdaho, or on Instagram: @ChaplainChristaT.  You can also contact Christa Trinchera, Senior Chaplain/CoFounder, by email at [email protected] or by phone at 916-247-1323.