An Idahoan’s Point of View of the Eastern Idaho State Fair


The Eastern Idaho State Fair. Just saying the name sends most of us reminiscing over years of memories as the palpable aroma of fair food fills our minds and awakens our appetite. It’s the beautiful repetition that gets me so excited each and every year. Everyone has their favorite cuisine. Favorite activity or Grand stadium show. And most of all, there is always a reason to spend your days making new memories and revamping traditions at the upcoming 2022 Eastern Idaho State Fair. Need More convincing? Maybe want to mix up traditions and try out something new this year at the fair? Here are some ideas and tips to get you out to enjoy all the fair has to offer!

  1. This might seem obvious but FOOD is a must! The food court is definitely the epicenter of all people, sounds, and smells when it comes to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. All cuisines blend blissfully into a beautiful aroma that consumes your senses, makes your mouth water, and leaves you wanting more! From tiger ears and turkey legs to funnel cakes and cotton candy, the Eastern Idaho State Fair keeps our necessity for food and variety into account and never disappoints! So go for it! Try something new and unique! Do you need an Oreo that has been deep-fried? Maybe not. Should you try it anyway? ABSOLUTELY!
  2. Free entertainment! I could quite literally spend a whole week at the fair and still feel like I was missing out on the incredible variety of acts, performances, and shows. All of us need a good pastime every now and again! So give yourself the time to kick back, find a seat or pick a shaded spot on the grass, and enjoy the show! Singing, dancing, sword-swallowing fun for all ages, young and old. Some of my best laughs have been thanks to the hypnotist’s comedy show. You never know what will happen because it incorporates different people from the audience, so each show has its own unique array of humor and hilarious moments. Some of my best gasps have been from watching our very own Idaho Falls Stasia Acrobats perform on the big dog stage. High-flying feats that will keep you clenching your seats meet a heartfelt story incorporated into song. Each act draws you in and keeps you on your toes. Adventure, action, and beauty all perfectly wrapped with a big circus bow.
  3. Speaking of bows: let’s talk ribbons and awards! So many categories and even more entries make up a large portion of the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Artwork entries in all sorts of stunning and breathtaking forms. From Photography to Sketches, Pastries to Poultry, and Paintings to Produce, our beloved Eastern Idaho State Fair covers it all! Looking for a new hobby? Find some inspiration as you peruse some of eastern Idaho’s most talented artists’ thriving artwork in all shapes, sizes, and varieties. Cakes that are far too beautiful to eat and veggies that are big enough to make you second guess whether or not they are actually real, we have it all! Need something more? Why not have artwork made to commemorate the fun had while at the fair? Personalized caricatures are a great way to go. The artwork accentuates both your appearance and personality while even hinting at your very own hobbies. Even ‘travel back in time’ by having an old-time western picture taken of yourself, friends, or family.
  4. Paid entertainment! I am talking about all of the grandstand main events! Unforgettable concerts emanate into the evening Blackfoot Idaho sky. Famous singers and bands of all genres have performed at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Comedic acts that keep you laughing long enough for your belly and cheeks to feel sore at the end of the show. Lose your voice and maybe gain a friend or two while cheering for the Tractor pulls, bull rides, and demolition derby because, after all, this is Idaho! We are born to love the feeling of dirt between our toes and reminisce about all events that give us that Idahoan ‘Merica pride. I’m talkin’ rodeos and revving engines loud enough to send you home with a ringing in your ears and a country pride felt to your core.
  5. Last but surely not least is the amusement rides. Well actually, the entire carnival experience! It combines food, fun, and games harmoniously. So grab yourself some cotton candy and lots of tickets. Set yourself up for the completely immersing rush of excitement as you win that ever-so sought-after prize, and claim victory at the carnival games. Then take your stuffed animal trophy with you to experience the beauty of Eastern Idaho’s State fair from the Ferris wheel’s bird’s eye view. Breathe in an extra breath of fresh air as the lights, sounds and smells completely overpower all your senses and leave you ready to repeat the amazing tradition that is the Eastern Idaho State Fair.

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Krystal was born and raised in Idaho Falls along with her 4 siblings. She graduated from Idaho Falls High School and is happily married to her high school sweetheart. She has a passion for Pet, Food, Portrait, Nature and Landscape Photography. Krystal has a positive mindset despite several health and heart complications. At the young age of 18, she was told to never plan on having kids. Fast forward 10 years and she’s a loving mom to 2 beautiful girls (thanks to several high risk doctors and specialists). She loves spending her spare time scrapbooking, garage selling, and drawing.