Meet EIM Contributor, Cecilia Altamirano!


Hello, fellow mommas!

I’m Cecilia. I am so excited to be a part of this community of amazing moms! 

I was raised in Ashton, Idaho by Hispanic parents in a mainly Caucasian community. Growing up, I did not realize I was different. I knew I was treated differently but did not realize it was because of my skin color. I have always valued education and love to learn, therefore school was one of my favorite places to be; it was a place I received praise and felt acknowledged. 

English was my second language and, through elementary school, I was in a class where I was tutored so I did not fall behind. 

I am the oldest of 5. Growing up, my parents were afraid my siblings and I would lose our culture and forbade us to speak English at home. Being the oldest, I was placed with many responsibilities, many not appropriate for a child. I had to grow up fast and hated everything about it but knew nothing else. My childhood was not normal or the best, but it, along with my experiences, has made me who I am today. 

I left Ashton after graduating high school. I have lived in Moscow, Twin Falls, Boise, Pocatello, and of course Idaho Falls. Having lived in many places in Idaho, I can honestly say I like Idaho Falls the best. 

I am now in my 30s. I say 30s because, well, I stopped keeping track of my age after I turned 25. Currently, I know I am older than 30 but younger than 35.  So yea, I’m in my 30s. I am engaged to an amazing guy whom I met online. We hit it off after our first date and have been together ever since. I am a mother to a 4-year-old and stepmom to a 14-year-old. Becoming a mother was challenging. My daughter cried non-stop, I was a stay-at-home mom, and her birth opened the can of worms of my childhood trauma. Becoming a mother made me realize I could no longer lie to myself and had to resolve my childhood trauma to be the mother my daughter deserved. I have been in therapy ever since and have made so much progress. 

I am mostly an introvert. I was a stay-at-home mom before COVID, so staying home felt comfortable and easy. After COVID is where I struggled. I did not want to leave my home, not because of the virus but because I did not want human interaction. Human interaction became a bit uncomfortable and gave me anxiety. So, through therapy, I began to do baby steps and worked my way to interact intentionally. That is when I discovered East Idaho Moms.

I wanted to start reading again and found East Idaho Moms had a book club. From there I realized they had weekly play dates at different parks! That’s where it started almost two years ago and now we are here. It was because of this group of mommas that I started to leave my home and looked forward to interacting with other adults. 

Leaving my child to go to work or do just about anything caused me anxiety. Through therapy, I learned some coping skills and attended school, and with the help of my parents and fiance, opened my beauty business. I am a licensed esthetician and own a local skin and lash studio downtown. I love helping people with their skin struggles as well as doing their makeup and lashes. The confidence boost when I am done with the service fills my heart. I absolutely love what I do. 

My parents are still in Ashton and are my role models. To me, they are the meaning of success. They came to a country with literally what they had on their backs, worked low-paying jobs to support their family, started their business with little English and no business knowledge, have been running their business for years, own two homes, and are almost done with their cabin to Air BNB it. They have grown so much and pushed their knowledge to better their future as well as ours. They were afraid and didn’t know how to make their dreams come true, but they did it anyway. 

My mother and father are amazing role models, grandparents, and supporters of my business and healing. They help me with my daughter so I can work. When they are unable to watch my daughter, I have my daughter with me during my appointments at my beauty studio. So, if you follow me or book with me, you are more than likely to meet my princess. 

Every time I look back, I see my growth. I am not fully healed, but am so proud of everything I have accomplished thus far. Starting with allowing myself the gift of life when I was a child to my recent one of working and opening my beauty studio. 

It is challenging at times to work with a 4-year-old as a “co-worker”, but I am blessed to have the flexibility to take her to work with me and not have to put her in daycare; I tried that and I think it was not a good fit for us. I can honestly say my little 4-year-old is my best friend. She is with me the majority of the time and I will cherish our time together because I know that it will change as she grows older. 

Thanks to everything I lived through, I believe in many things. I believe in talking about our struggles as much as our triumphs. I believe we all have an inner power that guides us. I believe in working on ourselves. I believe in healing generational trauma. I believe in healing. I believe in raising children differently than I was raised. I believe in allowing children to have a voice. I believe in allowing children to be children.

I am so glad I found this community of mommas—one where they are not afraid to talk about the hard things. Where I feel welcome with my unbrokenness. Where I feel like I can find my voice as both an individual professional and as a mother. 

I hope you fellow mommas feel welcome exactly as you are as much as I did. See you around!

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Cecilia grew up in Ashton and has lived in several cities in Idaho prior to settling in Idaho Falls after meeting her fiance through online dating. She is a mother to a sassy 3 year old and a bonus mom to a teenager. In the summer, you can catch her and her kids at the park or pool enjoying the warmth of Idaho weather while in the winter they spend their time indoors or at the library. Cecilia is a Licensed Esthetician who owns a local lash and beauty studio in downtown Idaho Falls. She enjoys getting to know her clients and listening to their stories while doing what she loves: making them feel beautiful. Cecilia loves all things beauty, tech, and business. She runs on warm beverages, skincare, burgers, cheesy fries, and ice cream. Cecilia creció en Ashton y ha vivido en varias ciudades en Idaho antes de establecerse en Idaho Falls después de conocer a su prometido a través de citas por línea. Es madre de una niña de tres años y madre adicional de un adolescente. En el verano, puede encontrarla en el parque o en la piscina disfrutando del calor del clima de Idaho con sus hijos, mientras que en el invierno pasa su tiempo adentro en la biblioteca o en su casa. Cecilia es una esteticista licenciada y es dueña de un estudio local de belleza y pestañas en el centro de Idaho Falls. Le gusta conocer a sus clientes y escuchar sus historias mientras hace lo que ama, hacerlos sentir hermosas. Cecilia ama todo lo relacionado con la belleza, tecnología y negocios. Ella funciona con bebidas calientes, productos para el cuidado de la piel, hamburguesas, papas fritas con queso y helado.