Our Final Goodbye


Saying goodbye is perhaps the hardest thing that a person can do, especially when it comes to a community and people who have gained love and trust along the way. With a heavy heart, that is what we are doing now.

East Idaho Moms has been a beautiful community full of love, support, friendship, and family for those in the East Idaho area. From Momma Mingles to playdates, EIM has touched many, many hearts. The blog posts from our contributors to you have been written for laughter, tears, and connection while the recipes (shared from our kitchens to yours) have created memories that can be passed down for generations.

While this time of transition is difficult, we know that it brings about a new season. Friendships do not simply stay with EIM and can expand through shared interests, new places you’ve discovered in the area, and from stories that you may have read from us.

Those of us at East Idaho Moms are so grateful to have had support from our sponsors and the community, but most importantly from those who took the time to say ‘hello’ to us at our various events. So, while saying goodbye is difficult, know that it isn’t a goodbye forever; we’re still out in the community, spending time with our kids and watching the river just like we always have.

This time, it’s as a friend rather than simply EIM.

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Ellie is a former preschool teacher turned mom who originally hails from Eastern Washington. After going to University of Idaho (Go Vandals!) and then meeting the nerd of her dreams, she welcomed a little girl into the world and then moved to Idaho Falls in 2021. Now, as a proud mama of soon-to-be two girls, Ellie spends her days working on fiction novels, wrangling her daughter and chickens, and trying to prepare herself for two under the age of two.