How to Help Your Community Right Now


I consider myself to be a relatively calm and rational person most of the time, but I’ll admit that I’m finding it hard not to panic a tiny bit with all of the sensationalist reporting and panic shopping that’s taking place as a result of the Coronavirus. So, I wanted to do something positive and hopefully helpful. Many people are struggling right now, so here are a few ways that you can support your community during times like this. If you have more suggestions to add, please comment!

Let’s all work together (from a safe social distance, of course).

  • The restrictions on large gatherings means that many events, concerts, festivals, and programs are canceled. This can have a truly devastating effect on small arts organizations. If you have tickets to something that has canceled, consider donating your tickets back to the organization.
  • Purchase gift certificates to your favorite local restaurants or businesses.
  • Tip service providers well.
  • Check on your neighbors. Buy groceries or other supplies for people who cannot leave the house.
  • If you’re feeling overly anxious, stay away from the news and social media. For me, I’m going to try and get outside more. Do whatever brings you some peace.
  • Watch what you post on social media. Keep it positive. If you’re a SAHM, consider posting advice and resources for parents who are freaking out about potential school closures.
  • (And the obvious one) If you’re sick, stay home. Reach out to friends and neighbors if you need help but shouldn’t leave the house.
  • (Another obvious one) Don’t fight people for groceries or buy an insane amount of food at one time. We need to flatten this curve, too, so that the panic-buying doesn’t lead to more panic-buying.

Overall, please remember to be kind. Some people might be overly cautious because they have compromised immune systems, some people might be panicking because they can’t get medication, some people might be freaking out because they have relatives in the hardest-hit countries, some people might just be sad because they had to cancel the trip of a lifetime. Be kind.