East Idaho Gyms & Fitness Classes


Working out the recommended three times a week can be hard! Are you tired of your same old routine? Looking for something that fits in with your crazy schedule? Trying to stick to your health and fitness goal but don’t know where to start?

East Idaho has an incredible array of gyms and fitness classes that can be tailored to your own unique lifestyle and needs. Just click on each link to find out more information on schedules and pricing, or even better yet, stop in and try them all!

:: East Idaho Gyms & Fitness Classes ::

Yoga London

3019 S 25th E. Ammon




Making the peace and power of yoga available to Every Body.

At Yoga London, we love yoga and the benefits it provides to both body and soul – flexibility, strength, reduced anxiety and stress just to name a few. Yoga provides an overall feeling of peace and power.

We saw a need for a modern, unfussy yoga studio in Idaho Falls where new practitioners could begin their yoga journey and experienced yogis could continue to grow.  At Yoga London, you will find traditional and newer styles of yoga taught in a clear and concise language and our instructors take the initiative to speak to Every Body giving direction that is easy to understand.

At Yoga London, we are building a community of people helping each other reach their full potential.  We provide the space and support for Every Body on their yoga journey to peace and power.

Flip & Twist Family Agility Training Center

3019 S 25th E. Ammon






Every child loves to jump, spin, and swing. We offer classes for all skill types in recreational gymnastics. Our gymnastics classes are designed to let kids have fun while advancing their skill level. Kids will practice skills in all four events using our professional equipment. These classes are preparatory for team gymnastics or they can choose to stay at the recreational level.

Ninja Warrior

Have you ever watched American Ninja warrior and wondered how you would do on warped walls, rope climbs and cliff hangs? Our Ninja and Warrior classes will teach you how to navigate through challenging obstacles designed to test your strength, agility and endurance.


Parkour is getting from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our Parkour classes for all skill levels will help you to run, climb and jump through your surroundings quickly and safely. As the art of movement, training in Parkour will help you learn how to flip, spin and vault through your everyday environment.

Idaho Falls/Ammon/Iona

Classes taught at Gold’s Gym
2363 Eagle Dr. Idaho Falls

Childcare available
2363 Eagle Dr. Idaho Falls

Childcare available
1615 S. Midway Ave. Ammon

200 S. Woodruff Ave. Idaho Falls

Childcare available
2030 Jennie Lee Dr. Idaho Falls

1745 W. Broadway St. Idaho Falls

2674 Sunnyside Rd. Ammon

3160 E 17th St #120 Idaho Falls

520 Memorial Dr. Idaho Falls

2844 E. 14th N. Ammon

275 Cliff St. Idaho Falls

155 N. Corner St. Idaho Falls

2873 E. 14th N. Ammon

2890 E. 14 N. Ammon

2633 E. 14th N. Ammon

Childcare available
410 W. 16th Street Idaho Falls

2873 E. 14th N. Ammon

537 W. 20th St. Idaho Falls

2455 Virlow St. Idaho Falls

740 W Broadway St, Idaho Falls

3548 North Main Street Iona

4400 E. 17th St. Idaho Falls

3899 American Way Idaho Falls

847 Lindsay Blvd. Idaho Falls

939 S. 25th E. #109 Ammon

2277 E Lincoln Rd. Idaho Falls

755 B South Woodruff Ave. Idaho Falls

570 2nd Street Idaho Falls

545 3rd Street Idaho Falls

420 Whittier St. Idaho Falls

Open gym times and adult classes offered
3019 S. 25th E. Ammon


1800 Flandro Dr #200 Pocatello

1800 Garrett Way #19 Pocatello

4235 Yellowstone Ave. Chubbuck

525 E Center St. Pocatello

777 Yellowstone Ave. Pocatello

207 E. Chubbuck Rd. Chubbuck

4950 Yellowstone Avenue Pocatello

488 Pershing Ave. Pocatello

  • Gate City Boxing Club

323 N. Main St. Pocatello

4841 Clover Dell Rd. Chubbuck

122 N. 8th Avenue Pocatello

669 W. Quinn Rd. #13 Pocatello

546 S. Main St. Pocatello

815 S. 1st Avenue Pocatello

1567 Way to Grace Ave. Pocatello

201 Jefferson Avenue Pocatello

  • Mandrill Academy

750 W Quinn Rd. Suite A Pocatello

234 S. Main St. Pocatello

4902 Burley Dr #1 Pocatello

  • Performance Pilates

4945 Brook Ln. Chubbuck

3770 Pole Line Road, Building #10 Suite B Pocatello

Rexburg/St. Anthony

730 W. 7th S. Rexburg

859 S. Yellowstone Hwy #700 Rexburg

871 Jet Stream Dr. Rexburg

30 College Ave. Rexburg

275 Stationery Place Rexburg

  • Rexburg Zumba

881 Jet Stream Dr. Rexburg

896 University Blvd unit #2 Rexburg

871 Jet Stream Drive Rexburg

  • Martial Arts Rexburg

1295 S. Railroad Avenue Rexburg

104 N Bridge St. St. Anthony


711 Rigby Lake Dr. Ste. 1101 Rigby

3867 E. 12 N. Suite 5 Rigby

263 S State St. Rigby

3926 E. 228 N. Rigby

  • LIFT’D Fitness

118 W. Main Street Rigby

458 N. 4000 E. #4 Rigby

173 E. Main Street #2 Rigby

3926 E. 228 N. Rigby

426 Farnsworth Way Suite 2 Rigby


301 Anderson Rd. Shelley

1250 W. Bridge St. Blackfoot

1265 Parkway Drive Blackfoot

36 N. 150 W. Blackfoot

75 NW Main St. Blackfoot

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