My Family and Formula :: A Study Opportunity with Clinical Research Prime

East Idaho Moms partnered with Clinical Research Prime to bring new and expecting mothers this amazing opportunity.

I have given birth to three beautiful, sweet baby boys. Baby boys who have all been born with tongue ties. These tongue ties have presented a unique problem due to the fact that because we are a military family, our military insurance has to process and approve all procedures before they can be scheduled and performed. As a result, each of my boys had a fused tongue for several days or weeks before they could be clipped.

As a new mother, I was dead set on breastfeeding.

I attended the breastfeeding classes, I visited with La Leche League, I even had lactation consultants visiting my room around the clock at the hospital. All in an effort to make breastfeeding work despite my children’s fused tongues. I wanted that special connection that breastfeeding provides. I also wanted to save money and not have to pay the daunting $30 for a minuscule can of formula.

But with each new baby, and each fused tongue, I realized that breastfeeding exclusively was not in the cards for my family. In fact, breastfeeding in general wasn’t in the cards for my family. The sad, slow realization that my babies needed more than I could provide them was heartbreaking, especially after I had just dedicated the last nine months to sacrificing my entire body for them. And looking towards the future, I was prepared to sacrifice another eighteen years!

But I am so grateful that with the struggle with breastfeeding came the realization that formula was my friend.

Formula allowed me to keep my babies well-fed, happy, and healthy. My babies were fed despite their tongue ties, my husband was able to participate in feeding them, and I was able to have a mental reset from all of the worry and pressure I was putting on the situation.

What I didn’t realize amidst all of the new baby worries was that Clinical Research Prime has an amazing program for Infant Formula Studies.

Healthy infants 0-14 days can take part in a two-year program study that provides infant formula and toddler drink at no cost. Participants also receive compensation for their time and travel related to the study in the hope of providing increased patient care and advances in medical research.

Clinical Research Prime strives to provide individualized care and cutting-edge treatments, all enhanced through clinical research. By participating in this study, you can help improve current infant formulas, receive individualized care for your newborn, and do so at no additional costs for your family.

This program would have been life-changing for me and for many mothers I have spoken with that have problems with their milk supply, juggling work and feeding babies, getting babies to latch, and painful breastfeeding, among numerous other issues, as well as mothers who choose not to breastfeed. As my husband and I look towards adding to our family, with the realization that our tongue tie problem will follow us, a program like this makes me excited for the future. It will genuinely be something that relieves the added stress of a hungry, tongue-tied baby. I can only imagine how relieving it will be for my friends and family members who have also struggled to breastfeed for various reasons.

Clinical Research Prime has also made participation in this study beneficial to parents because each child receives attentive medical care, as well as knowledgeable, readily available staff who can provide treatments to keep your baby well-fed and healthy.

Knowing that the formula you are giving your baby is exactly what they need can be so comforting to a new mother who is still learning to recognize the needs of her baby. Better yet, knowing that your baby will be well-fed with a formula that closely resembles human milk for two years, on top of individualized care, is a guarantee that most mothers dream of.

If you are pregnant, have recently had a baby, or know someone who fits that description, share this amazing program to help take off some of that new parent stress, alleviate the financial burdens of purchasing formula, and help to improve the medical community as a whole.

By participating in this Infant Formula Study, parents are ensuring their babies receive two years of great care, better infant formula, and a team of professionals who are eager to provide enhanced patient care with your baby’s best interests in mind.

Visit or call 208-589-3927 to participate!

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