Peace of Mind With Telemedicine from Just 4 Kids Urgent Care

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There are few things more fear-inducing during motherhood than having sick kids. I know I personally feel helpless when my children are sick and I cannot provide them the comfort and care they need.

It is the worst feeling in the world to go from providing your child everything to suddenly becoming completely incapable. 

Early last year, one of my sons experienced a fever that I was unable to break. My husband had just left for a military assignment, I was pregnant with my third son, and he was miserably sick. The friends and family I communicated with reassured me that it was probably just a fever from teething, but I felt that he was only getting worse and worse. My son ended up having a seizure from his fever that sent my feelings of worthlessness into a major spiral. I immediately put my boys in the car and drove to Just 4 Kids Urgent Care. 

The care I received during that traumatizing event was amazing and completely changed the narrative for me. The nurses treated my son with the utmost care, answered all of my questions, and gave me peace of mind. They were amazing! I genuinely walked away from a horrifying experience feeling like all of my fears had been alleviated and that I would be capable of taking care of my child throughout the rest of his sickness. Without a shadow of a doubt, I will be returning to Just 4 Kids Urgent Care when my family is in need. 

To help patients during the global pandemic, Just 4 Kids has stepped up their already existing Telemedicine game. Now, you can safely get your children the medical attention they need for all of life’s bumps and bruises without risking the spread of illness from the convenience of your home. 

Telemedicine is a virtual doctor visit during which patients can consult with doctors and nurses to have their medical questions answered for non-emergency needs. This is completed with any smartphone, tablet, or computer that has a camera. It is almost like a FaceTime call with your pediatrician. What kid doesn’t love a FaceTime call? The doctor and nurses will be able to see your child and can better diagnose or advise you on the needs of your child. Multiple sick kids? One quick and painless call to the doctor! 

A visit to the doctor usually means I have to get all three of my kids ready, load them up in the car, and prepare for them to act like monkeys in the waiting room. Telemedicine visits allow parents to save travel time, call when it is most convenient, and allow for the family to remain in their home without having to bring other children or find a sitter. Imagine the bliss that would come from not having to plan for drive time, not having to get everyone ready, and not having to wait in the lobby during an already stressful time. Ah, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about this! Finally, one appointment my family won’t be late to! 

Virtual visits also allow preventative care and your questions can be answered at a convenient time and place. If I had set up a telemedicine appointment for my son’s fever, I could have received the amazing care and direct answers to my questions that Google just wasn’t giving me before my son had a seizure. 

Whether your questions are regarding developmental, behavioral, weight, or nutrition, telemedicine appointments can be extremely beneficial in maintaining your child’s health and providing the peace of mind of knowing you are doing what is best for your child!

These telemedicine calls are perfect if you think your child has cold symptoms, a cough that doesn’t sound right, diarrhea, fever, flu, nausea, pink eye, rashes, vomiting, and much more.

Furthermore, most insurance plans now cover telemedicine appointments. This means that you can connect with a provider who can diagnose, treat, and send a prescription out for you, all within the comfort of your own home. Just 4 Kids is open every day of the year from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, making these telemedicine visits extremely flexible and convenient. All telemedicine visits occur in compliance with HIPAA standards meaning that these visits are just as private and secure as the ones taking place in the office. 

Honestly, I can’t think of a better product to come out of all this 2020 madness. Telemedicine and I are about to become very good friends. Having the care and experience of a regular doctor’s visit, but in the comfort of your home (and possibly in your pajamas) is the kind of service that every mama needs! 

To schedule your Telemedicine visit, go to or download the Anytime Pediatrics app. After starting a video chat, you’ll fill in the intake information that would come with a regular visit, all from the ease of your couch. Then, enable your camera and microphone and prepare to have your questions answered and your child’s needs met!

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