Yoga London: Flexibility is Not a Prerequisite

East Idaho Moms partnered with Yoga London to bring this great information about whole-body wellness.

Practice becoming and shedding away perfection through yoga with Yoga London. Get in a good workout while also gaining strength, endurance, flexibility, and emotional connection.

There are moments in my life where I feel bogged down by perfection and I let it stop me from becoming. Becoming a better person, a better mother or wife, and better connected with myself. I sometimes feel that if it can’t be done perfectly, it’s not worth trying. This rigid, perfectionistic mindset really holds me back from experiences that would be beneficial as I crave me-time away from my kiddos to reconnect with myself. 

Maybe you are like me and the thought of having to be perfect at something is almost a stumbling block to actually trying that activity. I unknowingly build up walls and barriers because I want to make my time and money investment worthwhile without realizing that I am robbing myself of personal investment and fulfillment. 

This is why I am so glad I had a conversation with Meg Herbert, Studio Manager at Yoga London, and Misti Cassels, Lead Instructor Over Instructor Education and Development! I love the idea of attending a yoga class, but the reality is… I’m a little bit afraid. I’m worried that I won’t be able to participate fully because I’m not as flexible as I want to be. I’ve been in “mom mode” for so long that the thought of working out has seemed more scary than energizing.

My perception of people who do yoga did not seem compatible with the same me who ate an entire chocolate orange while binge-watching Netflix last week. But Misti, the lead instructor at Yoga London, helped put it into perspective for me:

“You’re not perfect, you’re practicing.”

It was incredibly relieving to hear these words. Recognizing that where I am at right now is a perfectly valid starting place was enlightening. I can easily tell my kids that they are doing great when they make a mistake. Praises for my children and spouse just roll off the tongue, but for some reason, I don’t give myself the same grace to practice. I want to be perfect then and there, the first time. 

Misti assured me that wherever I was, no matter the skill level or flexibility, most of their classes would be a good fit for me, binge-Netflixer and all. “Flexibility is not a prerequisite. It’s a benefit.” Their classes are meant to meet you where you are, as you are. You’re not expected to walk in already knowing yoga perfectly. In fact, they promote honoring yourself where you are and letting expectations fall away as you reconnect physically and emotionally with yourself. 

Yoga is not just about getting in a good workout. They focus on gaining strength, endurance, flexibility, and emotional connection. 

By allowing ourselves to break down emotional walls and lowering our guard, we open ourselves up to more self-love. That, in turn, helps us rewire and reconnect ourselves, especially as we are working to build up that love with a body that we may be unfamiliar with. While it is intimidating, even Meg admitted that she customizes her workouts to meet her body where it is. Customizing to meet individual needs is common for all of the instructors. 

Yoga London is a safe space where you are welcome exactly as you are: flexible or not. They work hard to make sure they are meeting you where you are and helping you grow. Their motto is “Peace and Power for Every Body” and they mean it. 

Because a new experience can be scary, I asked the questions I would want to be answered before attending and the process to attend classes is super simple! Visit Yoga London’s website and under the Classes tab, you can make an appointment or arrange for a free demo. Because of Covid, they are only allowing 8 people in each class, so you’ll want to sign up in advance. They have mat rentals but recommend bringing your own if you have one, as well as water and a towel. If you have straps or blocks, these could also be helpful as you customize your workout to meet your current ability level. 

You’ll check-in at the front desk when you get there and can be given a designated spot to work in that has been sanitized if you’d like. Otherwise, you can head straight back to the appropriate room. Your classes will have instructors who can help to customize your workouts based on your current ability level. Remember, they are focusing on the practice of yoga! Not the perfect execution! 

To help in your yoga journey, Yoga London recommends doing three to five classes in order to acclimate yourself. Classes last for about 60 minutes and they’re even the only facility in Idaho Falls to offer real hot yoga during which the temperature in the room reaches 102 degrees with a humidity of 20-40%! As we are living through what feels like eternal winter, hot yoga sounds pretty amazing! 

I’m eager to start detoxing myself of perfectionism as well as finding me-time, and Yoga London’s classes are a great starting point.

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