An Ode to Summer


I’m so excited it’s summer again. I love summer because it’s when I feel like I can be the best mom. The hectic pace from the school year is put on pause. The mornings are more relaxed. The kids’ clothes aren’t as complicated. We can focus on enjoying our downtime.

I’m very career-oriented and have had several jobs during the last five years. But I’ve mostly worked part-time because I want to still have time to enjoy the summers with my kids while they are young. I know that one day my kids won’t be around as much during the summer months and so I want to make the most of it while I can.  

Here is my ode to what summer is right now. 

Summer is kids getting out of bed at 9:00.

Summer is NOT needing to make sure we have enough socks for the next day.

Summer is stained countertops when my kids make homemade popsicles with punch.

Summer is swimming at the local pool two to three times a week to make the pool pass worth the money.

Summer is NOT having to worry about making lunch for my kids because of free Lunch in the Park (or Grab and Go lunches in this post-Covid world.)  

Summer is staying up late and watching my kids play night games in the front yard.

Summer is baseball caps and uncombed hair.

Summer is watching my kids conquer the diving board.

Summer is outdoor movies.

Summer is sleeping in the treehouse.

Summer is boxes of winter clothes tucked out of sight in the closets.

Summer is kids watching a movie after getting worn out at the pool.

Summer is making homemade ice cream and balking at the price of cream, but then wondering why we only make this once a year.

Summer is eating on the patio.

Summer is cousins coming to visit from out of state.

Summer is day-trips to Lava Hot Springs and Bear Lake.

Summer is watching my garden grow and eating fresh peas and cherry tomatoes right out of the garden.

Summer is watching fireworks surrounded by strangers on the Fourth of July.

Summer is taking tons of swimming suit selfies because my high neck swimming suit makes me feel confident.  

Summer is listening to live music downtown.

Summer is planning special bowling and roller skating trips. (And realizing that we’ve forgotten how to wear socks.)

Summer is discovering new trails and revisiting favorite hikes.

Summer is watching flowers grow and bees buzz.

Summer is the smell of sunscreen which is also the smell of adventure.

Summer is beautiful. 

Summer is love. 



  1. I love it! It Sounds lovely and what I’d like our summer to be! But our summers seem like whining and fighting. 😜


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