Living With a Hoarder’s Brain


Growing up, I always loved to collect things – anything from pretty stones to blankets. As an adult, I start one hobby and collect everything I might possibly need for it, only to move on to the next hobby a short time later. This leaves me with piles of things that no longer do anything for me. However, when I go to “purge” my house for yet another yard sale, I always seem to convince myself that someday I will need the items in these piles.

Let’s face it though: I won’t use any of it. But I still can’t seem to let myself get rid of it. This cycle is so mentally exhausting because I want to have way less clutter, but on the other hand, I’ve already convinced myself that I need these things.

It’s incredibly frustrating, to be completely honest. My hobbies end up taking over. I find things that I think will give me that spark, but in all reality don’t. Or because I tend to get frustrated with it (being an amputee can be extremely frustrating in this aspect). I used to think I loved photography and had too many things to go along with it. I finally sold my cameras and bag, but now I still need to get rid of all the extra gear that goes along with it. 

Now I have tons of different crafting things to go along with my Cricut. Thankfully I really love doing vinyl crafts, so if I could just organize them better. That would help so much. But then there’s soooooooooo much glitter. My son loves dumping the glitter everywhere too. Oh, what a fairy mess that makes. 

Clothes are another example. I can’t be the only one who keeps clothing that is way too small, all in hopes that one day I will lose the weight and fit in them again. I seriously have clothes from when my husband and I first got together that I know I won’t be able to wear, but I can’t seem to let go of them. 

Oh and all of the stuff we have gained from having a baby two years ago is absolutely mind-blowing! Tons and tons of blankets, clothes, toys, and so much more. I have outfits that he never even wore, but I’ve kept them because “what if we do have another one”. I mean it’s totally a possibility, but how long can I seriously keep 5 totes of baby clothes? And with all of my nieces and nephews, I always find an excuse for keeping every single toy. Does anyone else do this? 

I try every single year to have at least one or two yard sales so that I can slowly get rid of things I do not need. Then I donate what doesn’t sell to local charities. To be honest, though, I’m struggling right now because I’m so sick of the clutter and extra things I don’t need, but my brain keeps telling me I will eventually use them or someone I know might need them.

I have watched so many shows on organizing and I think I get inspired and then bam! Back to making excuses for myself. 

Having to fight my own brain to let go of things is one of the most mentally exhausting battles I go through on a daily basis. To get rid of, to keep, to get rid of, to keep. My goal for this month is to ask myself if I honestly think I’ll use it in the next month or two, and if not, I’m going to put it in my yard sale pile.

I am hoping that setting goals for myself will help in the long run. Here’s to goals and hope!