Hello, Childhood? It’s been a while!


I recently viewed a TikTok that brought me to tears – and not even laughing tears!  Basically, it was an animation of a figure facing a dark tunnel labeled “UNIVERSITY” and he is asking his personified childhood if he should be scared.  “Childhood” reassures him it’s actually exciting, but then he starts to fade away.  I repeat, his childhood fades away!  (You can watch it yourself here.)


It got me thinking about my own childhood and what I had said goodbye to.  To be honest, I was surprised that I got emotional watching that TikTok because I’m not particularly fond of the majority of my childhood.  As soon as I turned 18, I said good riddance to my hometown and reveled in my college freedom.  So, I asked myself, why is this so sad?  Why am I crying over a stupid video that I can hardly relate to? 


Well, because I can relate to it if I really dive down and think about it!  I started listing things that brought me joy during my childhood.  It looks a little something like this:

(In no particular order)

  1. Riding my bike in circles in the driveway

  2. Reading Twilight

  3. Playing school

  4. Coloring

  5. Writing stories

  6. Playing in our treehouse

  7. Playing Polly Pockets

  8. Reading Harry Potter

Can you say nostalgia?  Woah!  


I’ve heard many moms say that they feel that they’ve lost touch with who they were before they had babies.  I didn’t think I was one of those people, but after some reflection, I realized I wanted to get more in touch with the little girl/preteen I used to be.  I tried practicing the above list – with some modifications.  For example, I already teach for a living, so I didn’t feel the need or desire to “play school…” But you best believe I reread the entire Twilight saga and, boy, I am Team Edward all over again.  

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Shelby is an online TESOL instructor and Spanish tutor and enjoys her photography side gig. Born and raised in Idaho, Twin Falls is where she currently resides. Her hobbies include writing, drawing, painting, reading, theatre, and cycling. She is a mother to two tiny boys and a wife to a good-looking mathematician. As a bilingual mama, she does her best to teach two languages to her children, however, she admits to relying on YouTube as well. She dreams of becoming a published author, a voice actor (even if only on the measliest of cartoons), and a small boutique owner someday.


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