A DIY Christmas


This last year has been a crazy one, and I find myself looking forward to Christmas more than I ever have before! I’m so excited to spend time with family, and I want to make them feel extra loved this year.

I’ve also accumulated a few new hobbies during my time spent at home, so this year I’m making gifts for everyone on my list!

They aren’t anything super fancy, but I love that I’ve been able to find gifts that fit each person’s personality perfectly. I’ve loved dedicating time to making these gifts and I hope that whenever they see their gifts, they are reminded of me and can feel my love.

If you’d like to make some gifts for the people on your list, here are some tips:

First, use Pinterest!! Pinterest is like a DIYers heaven. There are so many fun, affordable ideas on there. I started out by just looking up “good DIY gifts” and I found ideas I never would have thought of on my own.

Another tip is to search for DIY gifts specific to your skills. For example, I searched “DIY hand-sewn gifts.” This helped me find gifts I actually have the skills to make!

Lastly, don’t overthink it! Part of the value of a handmade gift is that you took the time to make it. It doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect in order to bring joy to someone. 

DIY is not for everyone, and in the past years, it really wasn’t for me! But I’m really glad I’m branching out this year and it’s already made this a holiday to remember.

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Emily is a stay-at-home mom of two girls living in Saint Anthony. She has been married to her best friend for four years and family is what brings her the most joy. When she’s not busy wrangling her 3 year old or feeding her newborn, she enjoys exercising, eating, baking, reading, and watching tv (mainly New Girl and The Office.) She loves being outside and has a love/hate relationship with cleaning. She also has an unhealthy obsession with chocolate milk and listening to true crime podcasts. She hopes to live on a large property with farm animals someday.