Garage Sale Find Turns Family Tradition: Grinch Day


I love the winter holidays. I think you would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t. And although I love all things Christmas, I was not exactly thrilled when one of my kiddos couldn’t resist the 3-foot stuffed Grinch at a friend’s yard sale. I remember thinking, “What on earth are we going to do with this thing?”

This is how Grinch Day came about.

We have so much fun with this tradition that I thought I would share so hopefully it sparks some ideas for other homes. You are going to want to add a Grinch Day to your holiday celebrations!

Dress the part.

The first thing we do on Grinch Day is rummage through our clothes to find our very best Whoville attire. There is always a lot of reds, whites, and greens. Stripes. Polka dots. The crazier the better! I always help the kiddos do their hair. There are so many tutorials on Pinterest for Cindy Loo Who’s hair. I let them pick one and then I make it happen. 

Get ready to play some games!

The best part about Grinch Day is the games. A few of our favorites:

Stomp the Grinch. I blow up enough green balloons for each child to have one. I draw a grinch face on the balloons, tie a string to each balloon then tie the other end of the string to one of each child’s legs. When I say go, they begin running around trying to break everyone else’s balloon by stomping on it. The person with the last inflated balloon is the winner.

Who Pudding Eating Contest. This one is messy but a favorite. All you need for this one is some pudding and enough plates for each child to have one. I cover each plate with a good amount of pudding, instruct the kids to put their hands behind their back and to only use their mouths then begin the countdown. 3 – 2 – 1 – GO! The one that clears their plate the quickest is the winner.

Pin the Heart on the Grinch. This simple, classic game is always entertaining. For this one, I just drew a grinch on some green wrapping paper and put it on the wall. Super simple.

Present Snatch. I wrap several empty boxes with wrapping paper and have them scattered around. I divide the group into two teams. I give each team a laundry basket that has a rope tied to it. Each team is told how many presents they must collect and get to the top of Mount Crumpit. Mount Crumpit can be to the top of your stairs, the opposite side of the house, or from the living room to the front yard. On go, they run around and collect their presents placing them in their basket and they aim to be the first team to make it to Mount Crumpit with all of their presents. I always make sure we have a lot of presents or odd-shaped presents to make it a little harder. This game always produces loads of laughter. 

Don’t forget the food!

 This is always so fun for me. Our Grinch Day menu usually includes:

  • Roast Beast Sandwiches
  • Who Hash Browns (usually some sort of potato)
  • Grinch Green Salad
  • Who Pudding 
  • Grinch Cookies  – vanilla box cake mix cookies dyed green

Snuggle in for the Grinch movie.

You cannot have a Grinch Day without ending the day with one of the Grinch movies. There are now 3 to pick from!

Grinch Day. Who knew that a stuffed Grinch acquired at a yard sale would turn into a family tradition that has lasted almost 10 years!