My “Goal” for 2021


I’ve never been a perfectionist. Not even close. When I hang a picture in my house, I don’t do a lot of measuring or spacing to make sure it looks just right. I google the easiest way to do it and get it done. It might be a little crooked if you look closely, but I really don’t care. There are a lot of bad things about this, but lately, I’ve been thinking about how good for me it really is. 

This last month, some of my family members did a challenge where we either walked or ran 50 kilometers outside. In past years, I wouldn’t be caught dead exercising outside during an East Idaho winter. But I come from a very competitive family, so I wanted to see what I could do. Initially, I made a goal to get up every morning before my husband left for work and go on my walk. This didn’t last a week. I realized that I needed to be more flexible and that telling myself I HAD to do this every morning really sucked the joy out of something that could potentially be a positive thing for me. So, I walked when I could. And I absolutely loved it! I never thought I would enjoy going on walks during the winter here, but it was wonderful! I didn’t expect perfection from myself, and it brought me greater joy.

Another example of this is my crafting. Especially sewing. I’m a very amateur crafter. The things I make don’t look terrible, but they are so far from perfect. At first, this discouraged me from doing anything. But I kept seeing different projects I wanted to try, and I decided to just go for it! I’ve sewn pillows, made some different signs for around my house, and I even made almost all the gifts I gave for Christmas this year. It’s become such a fun hobby and outlet for me, even though many of my projects would probably be categorized as Pinterest fails.

There are so many ways I would like to improve myself. As I thought about setting goals for 2021, I decided not to! Instead, I am slowly focusing on the ways I can improve and consciously making small steps towards improvement. The thing I want the most out of this year is to find joy in my everyday life. For me, setting goals and checking things off a list just doesn’t bring me happiness. So, this year I will be reading more, going on more walks (come snow or sunshine), finding music I love, and doing small things that bring me joy.

My walls will still be lined with slightly crooked pictures and none of my crafts will be Pinterest perfect, and that’s just fine with me. 

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Emily is a stay-at-home mom of two girls living in Saint Anthony. She has been married to her best friend for four years and family is what brings her the most joy. When she’s not busy wrangling her 3 year old or feeding her newborn, she enjoys exercising, eating, baking, reading, and watching tv (mainly New Girl and The Office.) She loves being outside and has a love/hate relationship with cleaning. She also has an unhealthy obsession with chocolate milk and listening to true crime podcasts. She hopes to live on a large property with farm animals someday.