Motherhood Is…


Motherhood is so many wonderful things, and so much more than we ever anticipated. Motherhood is…

  1. Getting eight hours sleep… over the span of 5 days.
  2. Spending your evenings driving everyone around to all the things.
  3. Enjoying a gourmet meal of leftover nuggets and cold fries.
  4. Staying up far too late just to enjoy a quiet house.
  5. Finding poop where there shouldn’t be poop.
  6. Carrying fruit snacks and emergency underpants in your purse.
  7. Being the one your kid comes to for comfort, even if you’re the reason they are crying.
  8. Finding crumbs where there shouldn’t be crumbs.
  9. Having approximately 2,000 toddler selfies on your phone.
  10. Hearing phantom babies crying while you’re in the shower.
  11. Forgetting how to have a conversation with another adult.
  12. Arguing irrationally about the color of a bowl or the placement of a blanket.
  13. Finding Legos where there shouldn’t be Legos.
  14. Rolling your eyes so far back into your head that it actually hurts.
  15. Knowing the names and jobs of all the Paw Patrol pups.
  16. Fishing poop out of the bathtub.
  17. Finding socks where there shouldn’t be socks (also applicable to the “Marriage Is…” list).
  18. Driving a car full to the brim with wrappers, cups, crumbs, and Happy Meal toys.
  19. Experiencing joy, rage, frustration, pride, and resignation all in the space of 20 minutes.
  20. Worrying.
  21. Having in-depth conversations about snakes.
  22. Making empty threats.
  23. Enthusiastically demonstrating the deliciousness of vegetables.
  24. Finding rocks where there shouldn’t be rocks.
  25. Loving your kids so unbelievably hard while simultaneously wishing they would just be quiet and leave you alone for 5 whole minutes.

That’s motherhood to me at this moment in time. What is it to you?