Their Motherhood Is None Of Our Business


Sometimes it is hard to feel a sense of community and friendship with fellow moms. It feels impossible to find connection in a world that seems to judge every move we make as mothers, especially when the judgment comes from other moms. 

The first step to building each other up and creating community is to stop tearing each other down.

I live by the advice of my own mother: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. But more than that, I have my own advice: their motherhood is none of your business. I know how hard it is to not comment on a post you completely disagree with. Trust me, I KNOW how hard it is not to make a “helpful” suggestion. 

I start chanting “mind your own business” to myself every time I feel the need to “help” another mom out with my personal viewpoints. 

Most of the time, our suggestions to one another are not helpful. Most of the time, we are already set in our beliefs and no one will even come close to changing our minds. Most of the time, we are struggling to keep our heads above water and this is the best we can do. Sometimes it’s faith-related. Sometimes it’s cultural. Sometimes our words can do more harm than good. 

All the time, it’s truly none of our business. Their motherhood is none of our business.

Choose to spread positivity and kindness. Choose to support. Choose to build up fellow mothers so that we can raise the next generation to be good humans.

Let’s build a community of meaningful connections.


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