The Ultimate Guide to East Idaho Playgrounds

The Ultimate Guide to East Idaho Playgrounds, brought to you by the Pediatric Center and East Idaho Moms

We are SO fortunate to have an abundance of parks in East Idaho! Once the weather warms up, we pack our park bag with snacks, water, a blanket and sunscreen and the playgrounds become our new homes! We look forward to seeing you this warmer season and hope this guide will help you find your new favorite park! Whether your kids are 2 or 12, there is sure to be the perfect playground for them in our area!


A BIG shout out to The Pediatric Center for sponsoring this guide! Be sure to visit their Idaho Falls and Rigby offices for all of your family’s pediatric needs!

Thank you, Design DNA for taking all of the excellent pictures of our local parks!

Idaho Falls

20th Street Park

Address: 200 E 20th Street

Description: Small play structure with slides over mulch with shady trees

Ages: 3-9

Amenities: 2 park benches and 2 picnic tables

Parking: street parking

Antares Park

Address: 1436 Antares Drive

Description: small play structure with slide

Ages: 3-6

Amenities: none


Central Park

Address: 400 N Holmes Avenue

Description: small play structure with slides over wood mulch in full sun

Ages: 3-8

Amenities: restrooms, picnic area, 2 ball fields

Parking: street parking

South Capital Park

Address: 270 S Capital

Description: large play structure with monkey bars and slides over rubber mats

Ages: 3-10

Amenities: benches, picnic area, shelter, restrooms, and lots of shade

Parking: dedicated lot

Highland Park

Address: 568 E Elva

Description: small play structure with slides

Ages: 3-6

Amenities: basketball courts

Parking: spots by basketball courts

Civitan Park

Address: 900 W Elva

Description: Tall playset with swings, slides, and climbing gyms in partial sun over newer rubber mulch

Ages: 4-12

Amenities: bathrooms, baseball diamond, shaded pavilion

Parking: street parking

Community Park

Address: 700 E 25th Street

Description: zipline, climbing structure, and 4 swings with 2 baby swings over wood chips in sunny area surrounded by mny shady trees

Ages: 6 and up

Amenities: bathrooms, picnic shelter with tables, soccer goals, 2 baseball diamonds, park benches, and a walking/biking path

Parking: Ample dedicated parking

Esquire Park

Address: 800 Moonlite Drive

Description: Small play structure with slide surrounded by trees

Ages: 3-8

Amenities: none

Parking: gravel lot

Freeman Park

Address: 1290 Science Center Drive

Description: large play structure, climbing ropes, slides, and swings over wood chips with lots of shade

Ages: all

Amenities: parta potty, large shelters with tables and fireplaces, benches, frisbee golf, many grassy areas and walking paths

Parking: Ample parking throughout

Kate Curley Park

Address: 950 S Higbee Avenue

Description: play structure with slides, 2 swings and a baby swing all over wood chips partially shaded by large trees

Ages: all

Amenities: restrooms, covered picninc shelter, park benches, walking path, and grassy areas

Parking: street parking

Liberty Park

Address: 1000 S Boulevard

Description: 3 swings

Ages: 3-6

Amenities: swings and a park bench

Parking: limited street parking

Poitevin Park

Address: 300 W 13th Street

Description: 2 swings on grass and woodchips surrounded by shady trees

Ages: all

Amenities: benches, soccer field, and grassy areas

Parking: street parking

North Tourist Park

Address: 850 Lincoln Road

Description: 3 swings

Ages: all

Amenities: restrooms, picnic area


Claire E Gale Skate Park

Address: 555 Royal Avenue

Description: Skate Park

Ages: older kids

Amenities: none

Parking: street parking

Reinhart Park

Address: 1055 Washburn

Description: Large play structure with multiple slides and small climbing wall secluded behind a large church and in full sun

Ages: 3-10

Amenities: shelter, restrooms, picnic area, 1 ball field. Splash pad

Parking: gravel parking lot

Sugar Mill Substation Park

Address: 895 N 25th Street

Description: Medium sized playset located behind large electrical substation with 1 small bush/tree

Ages: 3-8

Amenities: soccer field and baseball diamonds

Parking: limited gravel lot

Sunnyside Park

Address: 1905 Sunnyside Road

Description: Medium sized playset with slides and shade trees

Ages: 3-8

Amenities: tennis courts, ball fields, soccer field, picnic area, large shelter, and restrooms

Parking: gravel lot

Tautphaus Park

Address: 2800 S Boulevard

Description: 2 playgrounds- one small with a couple slides over wood mulch and the other is an equal access playground with swings, slides, musical toys, playboat, and electronic interactive game over rubber mulch and partly shaded

Ages: 3-12

Amenities: restrooms, several picnic shelters, skate park, zoo, funland carnival, ice skating rink, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball nets, large grassy areas

Parking: ample parking throughout

Bel-Aire Park

Address: 900 E. Elva Street

Description:Small playset with 2 slides over wood chips. Basketball hoop. Large trees around playground with very little shade.

Ages: 2-12

Amenities: Picnic tables

Parking:Limited on-street parking

Dunes Park

Address: In The Dunes Neighborhood

Description:Small play structure with 2 slides and 2 swings over wood chips. A large canal runs just behind this park.

Ages: 3-8

Amenities: Open area for playing and 2 park benches.

Parking: Limited street parking

Old Butte Park

Address: Playground is on Clarence Drive but the park is located on the corner of US 20 and Old Butte Road.

Description: Play structure with 4 slides over wood chips. Large pine trees near playground offer little shade.

Ages: all

Amenities: Pavilion with picnic table, walking path, lots of soccer fields. Restrooms across parking lots from playground.

Parking: Multiple parking lots around soccer fields including one next to playground.

Shadow's Park

Address: Playground is located near LDS church on 12th Street, close to Woodruff.

Description: Small play structure with slides over wood chips. Lots of shade.

Ages: 2-10

Amenities: Lots of shade and picnic space. There are two picnic tables in park. No restrooms.

Parking: Shares parking space with LDS church.


Eagles Homestead Park

Address: 4227 Frontier Dr.

Description: 2 playsets in different areas with slides and swings over mulch with very little shade

Ages: all

Amenities: 3 hole disc golf, shelter, restrooms, 3 pavilions with picnic tables, park benches, baseball diamond, doggy bags, fitness course, soccer goals, open fields, walking/biking path around park

Parking: 2 parking lots- West parking off Eagle Point Drive, East Parking off Eagles Homestead Drive

Orland Bailey Park

Address: Falcon Drive

Description: Small playset with 1 slide over mulch in full sun

Ages: 4-6

Amenities: small shelter and grassy area

Parking: street parking on Falcon Drive

Lions Park

Address: Curlew Drive

Description: Slides, 2 swings, monkey bars, and a zipline over wood chips in full sun

Ages: all

Amenities: Shelter with picnic table, park bench, baseball diamond

Parking: Small parking lot on south of park and street park

McCowin Park

Address: 3074 Targhee Street

Description: Playset with tunnels, slides, and a swingset over mulch with partial shade due to large trees

Ages: 3-9

Amenities: soccer fields, baseball diamonds, disc golf, splash pad, pool, shelter, restrooms, covered pavilion, gazebo, walking path

Parking: Ample dedicated parking throughout

Idaho Falls Pediatrics Park

Address: 3067 Eagle Dr.

Description: Large play structure with swings, modern merry go round.

Ages: 3 and up

Amenities: A few picnic tables and large grass area.

Parking: Parking around park.


Shelley City Park (Dawn Lloyd Field)

Address: Between HWY 91 and the 200 block of N Park Avenue

Description: large play structure with swings and a spinning toy

Ages: all

Amenities: baseball diamond


Curt Brinkman Park

Address: 274 S Hanson Ave

Description:medium sized play structure with slides

Ages: all

Amenities: restrooms, park benches, raquet ball court, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a skate park

Parking: dedicated parking lot

Bingham County North Park

Address: 587 E 1250 N

Description: small play structure over rubber mulch in complete shade in the recreational area (this is an RV campground)

Ages: 3-6

Amenities: basketball & tennis court, picnic shelters, pavilion, restrooms, campground, boat ramp area


Pillsbury Park

Address: 440 S Milton Avenue

Description: Large play structure, swings, basketball court, all next to the Shelley Swimming Pool, this playground has it all and is located next to a neighborhood giving it a very cozy feel

Ages: all

Amenities: small shelter on the upper level of the park, two largers shelters with tables on lower level, basketball court and a pool.

Parking: parallel street parking


Iona Park

Address: 3548 N Main Street

Description: Small playset, climbing structure, big slide, and 6 swings including 2 baby swings over mulch and shaded during certain times of the day

Ages: all

Amenities: Tennis courts, restrooms, picnic shelter, walk/bike path, open grassy areas, 2 baseball diamonds, skate ramp, park benches, basketball hoops, and a walking/biking path

Parking: Parking lot (shared with businesses) and parking spots all around the park

Pioneer Park

Address: E Iona Road

Description: Small climbing structure and a very small splash pad on grass and cement in full sun

Ages: 1-5

Amenities: restrooms, picnic shelter. disc golf

Parking: Ample in dedicated lot


Rigby City Park

Address: 200 N 1st W

Description: A large, grassy park with very little shade with a shelter, shaded enclosures, and picnic tables. The playset has a climbing toy, monkey bars, multiple slides and toddler toys. Separate swings have 6 swings and 2 baby swings with sandy gravel under them. The park also has a basketball court

Ages: Toddler-10

Amenities: Shelters

Parking: On-street parking surrounds the park

Rigby South Park

Address: 355 Centennial Lane

Description: This park is huge! 5 playsets including 2 bungee rope climbing toys, a pirate ship playset, artificial rocks for climbing with slides, a zipline, swings, a baby swing, and 2 handicap accessible swings all over mulch.

Ages: all

Amenities: Restrooms, shelters, grassy areas, and many benches but not much shade

Parking: Dedicated parking throughout

Jefferson County Lake

Address: 490 N 400 E

Description:1 metal and 1 wood playset in full sun located by the water at Rigby Lake with bridges, slides, climbing walls, and swings.

Ages: 4-10

Amenities: Restrooms, shelters with picnic tables, a volleyball court, and all of the amenities offered by Rigby Lake such as camping areas, a dock with a slide, and paddleboard rentals

Parking: $6/day per car


Porter Park

Address: S 2nd W + 3rd W

Description: Small playset and several swings including baby swings all over mulch and in direct sun, though many areas of the park are shaded by large trees

Ages: all

Amenities: paved walking path, bathrooms, open grass areas, splash pad, tennis courts, basketball court, picnic shelters,  seasonal carousel (open only during the summer, $). Wheelchair accessible for the most part.

Parking: Limited parking surrounding the park

Beaver Dick Park

Address: Highway 33 and 6000 West

Description: Old metal playground equipment with slide and swings over crushed gravel and very close to the water.

Ages: all

Amenities: Camping spots available for $10 a night, or $40 for five nights. Fire pits, pavilions, bathrooms, and sheltered picnic areas. Beautiful nature scenery and wildlife. Not very wheelchair friendly due to dirt and gravel paths.

Parking: Small parking lot

Smith Park

Address: E Main 3rd East

Description: Old metal slide and 4 swings with a newer playset boastng slides for young children over mulch and in full sun, but other areas of the park are shaded by large trees.

Ages: all

Amenities: paved walking path, gazebo, baseball & basketball fields, tennis courts (2), sheltered picnic areas, large open spaces, and Veteran’s memorial. Some wheelchair accessibility

Parking: Street parking only

Nature Park

Address: 5th W + 3rd N

Description: Small playground with jungle gym and slides.

Ages: all

Amenities: 9 hole disc golf course, concrete skate park for skateboards, scooters, bikes, and rollerblades, soccer feilds, restrooms, sheltered picnic areas, fishing pond with a separate fishing pond for children 12 years and under, wheelchair accessible with walking paths wide enough for wheelchair use.

Parking: dedicated parking throughout

Evergreen Park

Address: 766 Lodgepole Street

Description: Playground with large and small slides over mulch in sun.

Ages: all

Amenities: 2 soccer fields, a rugby field, sheltered picnic area (4 tables), garbages, restrooms. No designated pathways to playground equipment, but level ground leading it to be somewhat wheelchair accessible.

Parking: Limited parking

Park Street Park

Address: 513 Park Street

Description: Playset with swings, slide, and spinning toy over mulch in full sun.

Ages: 2-8

Amenities: non-traditional activities. This park type complements traditional municipal community and neighborhood parks.

Parking: Very limited street parking on neighborhood street

Riverside Park

Address: 50 W 2nd N

Description: Small playground structure in full sun great for younger kids

Ages: all

Amenities: Rexburg Rapids, sport fields, trails, community gardens, BMX dirt track course (small), restrooms, and a paved walking path

Parking: spots throughout


Jensen's Grove

Address: 733-793 E Airport Road

Description: multiple play structures with slides, swings, the lake, and a skate park

Ages: all

Amenities: shelters, restrooms, a walking path

Parking: multiple parking lots

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