Allow us to reintroduce ourselves—Welcome to East Idaho Moms!


We’re SO glad you’re here!

East Idaho Moms – this one is for you!  We are thrilled to be a resource FOR East Idaho Moms BY East Idaho Moms.  Mom life is fast-paced, a little crazy, and ever-changing. We can’t spend hours a day looking for the best family-friendly restaurants or deciding which park has a toddler swing and bike path for your big kid.  We need a “one-stop shop” that will give us the run-down for the best preschools in town and let us connect with other moms at the same time. THIS is why we are here!

idaho fallsEast Idaho Moms brings you the most up-to-date information about events and happenings in East Idaho, playdates, moms night out, self-care for busy mamas, easy family-friendly recipes, and everything to keep us moms sane through the days that go on forever and years that go by too fast.

Motherhood can be scary. And, it shouldn’t be done alone.  Our goal is not just to inform moms, but to connect moms to bring the village back to motherhood!

We are here to share and celebrate the good, the bad, the ugly, and most importantly, the beautiful that is motherhood in East Idaho.  You’ll come here for guides to local things to do and stay for the relevant blog posts.  You’ll come to hear a local mom’s story and stay for the reviews of locally made products. Motherhood can be scary. And, it shouldn’t be done alone.  Our goal is not just to inform moms, but to connect moms.  We’ll share stories you can relate to, get to know you through social media, and meet you face to face at our events. 


We are real moms.  We are not experts.

We are moms from right here in East Idaho sharing our voice and writing to relate to and inspire each other.  We are not doctors, behavior therapists, or experts.  Our blog posts are simply experiences, thoughts, and opinions from REAL moms saying it like it is.

We are sharing our stories. We are not pushing an agenda.

Our goal and mission are to connect East Idaho moms to information and a variety of parenting perspectives unique to our area.  Nothing more.  We will strive to bring a positive voice to our community and to motherhood.

We are connecting all moms in our community.  We are not exclusive.

We are a diverse team of moms that come from all stages of motherhood.  Our team, like the moms of East Idaho, come from all parenting styles, from all parts of the country (and world), from all religions, from all races and ethnicities.  We respect all moms and their ways of surviving and thriving in this season of life.

We are excited. We are hopeful. We are East Idaho Moms.

Get to know us a little better!

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GiGi is an empowerer of women and obsessed with reading. She has five perfect little snack-obsessed kiddos. They are a busy blended family and the kids run wild 50% of the time and have strict rules the other 50% because – balance. She has lived in East Idaho since 2011 and enjoys taking her kids to the park, the pool, the zoo, or playing Pokemon GO on the Greenbelt! GiGi loves to travel and experience different cultures and enjoys getting to know new people and hearing their stories. She needs to sleep 8 hours nightly and has to have alone time to recharge. It's important to know she’s addicted to the plant juice (essential oils), crystals, green tea, plants, and online shopping with fast shipping.