7 Tips for Decorating for Spring on a Budget


Can you believe it is officially spring?! 2022 is flying by already. As much as I actually love winter, I’m so ready for spring – warmer weather, family lunch dates at the park, evening walks…so nice.

If you know me, you know I love home decor and interior design. Naturally, part of the fun of bringing in different times of year for me is updating my home decor to match new seasons and holidays! But doing that on a budget is also big for me (and a fun challenge, if I’m being honest). I’m a bargain hunter by nature, so I’d like to think I’ve mastered the art of decorating on a budget over the years!

I just finished swapping out all of my winter pieces in my house for spring and Easter decor, so I thought I’d share a few easy, budget-friendly ways to update your home for spring!

Bring in some flowers

Spring is all about bright colors and an overall fresh feeling, and the best way to accomplish both of those elements is with some flowers (fresh or fake!) Fresh flowers are always beautiful and add such a nice fresh scent to your house, but they can start to add up quickly, so fake flowers work just as well. Pull out a cute vase, throw some flowers in (or even some greenery for a pop of color), and set it out for an instant pick me up every time you see it.

Replace vase filler

I love vase filler. I think it’s the perfect piece to add to your decor, no matter what season it is. This year I swapped out the pinecones I had in my glass vases for winter with some cute pastel Easter eggs, but I’ve also used fake lemons or decorative grass! If you’d rather, you can also find seasonal vase filler at stores like TJ Maxx or Kohls. Whatever you choose, vase filler is a great way to instantly update your decor for spring!

Use seasonal tabletop signs

I love a good tabletop sign for my entryway table. These are usually small signs with a cute saying or artwork on them, and they’re only a few dollars, so they’re great to keep around for different seasons. Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and TJ Maxx always have great tabletop signs for each season!

Swap out throw pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to add that cozy feeling to your home, and the nice thing is, they’re so easy to swap out for different seasons! Put away your winter pillows and get out some bright, colorful ones for spring. You only need a few to completely change the feel of your decor!

Use spring scents

Put away your winter candles and soaps and switch them out for spring scents like lavender, honey, vanilla, or rose. I think a scent sets the whole mood of an environment, so updating things like this instantly makes it spring for me!

Get pieces you can use year after year

The best way to save money on buying home decor is to get pieces you can continually use year after year! Be intentional with the things you do buy, and find ways to keep using them, even if it’s in a new way.

Keep things subtle

You don’t have to have as many decorations as you might think to make an impact. Just adding a few little things around your house here and there (like a vase with some greenery or some Easter eggs) makes an impact without having to completely redecorate your entire house!

That’s really all you need to decorate on a budget! Even the simplest touches have a bigger impact than you might expect. Try these tips out, and see how much you can really do without spending a fortune!


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