Valentine Craft :: Melted Crayon Hearts


I’m not going to be the blogger here at IFMB to give you many crafting ideas. This might be my only one. I do enjoy being creative, but I can’t cut in a straight line and I am scared of glue guns. That being said, I have made this craft about 3 times with my kids, so I guess I can vouch for it.

There are a few things I should tell you: you will spend more time cleaning this up than you will actually spend making the hearts and your kids will probably think this is the coolest.

I got this craft from Martha Stewart after googling “what do I do with all of these freaking crayons?” or something like that. The Martha Stewart version ( has a much better aesthetic, but my version still gets ‘er done.

What you’ll need :: 

Crayons you don’t want anymore. We usually stick to reds, pinks, purples, and whites. Too many colors will make this look bad.

Wax Paper

Crayon sharpener, or if you like to live on the edge – cheese grater (It cleaned off pretty easily)



Iron (and an ironing board or a towel for a hard surface)

Tape (to show off your work)

How To ::

Make shavings of the crayons. When I did this with two kids, I prepped beforehand and had different color shavings in individual muffin tins. With 3 kids, I just let all the shavings mix together and collected them with the cheese-catcher thing at the bottom of the grater. Also, I had the youngest not participate during this part because it is inevitable that he would have hurt himself.

Rip off two pieces of wax paper that are similar in size (they don’t have to be exact). You can decide how much paper to use, but this will determine how big your heart will be. Martha does this part differently, so refer to her if you’re going fancy.

Turn on the iron. My iron stinks, so I automatically turn it as high as it will go, but medium would probably work for all you with functional irons (obvious disclaimer: if you have kids you can’t trust around hot things, make sure they can’t reach the iron. This craft is more suited for older children.).

Lay one piece of wax paper on the surface that you will iron on. Put some crayon shavings on the paper (it’ll probably take you a time or two to figure out your technique). Cover the shavings and wax paper with the second piece of wax paper.

Then briefly iron the paper together, melting the shavings. You only need to do it for a few seconds. Set it aside to cool (also does not take very long) and then either be smart and find a heart-shaped piece of paper you can trace (as we did when I had two kids) or try to draw it freehand (as I did when I had three kids).

Cut it out in a heart shape and tape it in a window. You don’t have to put it in a window, but it really does look lovely there.